Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 
Meeting, February 13, 2001 
3:30 p.m. Columbia Room. 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll: 
Roll was automatic. The following Senate Members were absent: Joel Alexander, Maureen Dolan, Mary Ann Linden (for Linda Keller), David Olson, Mark Perlman, Mark Seabright, and Tamina Toray. 

3.0 Corrections to and approval of the minutes from the previous senate meeting/agenda adjustments. 
The previous meeting minutes were approved and the agenda was not adjusted. 

4.0 Reports of the Presidents 

4.1 Senate President: 
John previewed next week's major agenda item (PT3/CTL presentations and discussion). Adele Schepige and Jeff Taylor also announced WOU's hosting of the Oregon Academy of Science Meeting (Junior Competition, March 3), soliciting interested judges from the sciences and math. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University: 
President Youngblood encouraged all faculty to contact her with budget concerns and questions. She stressed, again, that the budget situation will likely not be resolved until summer or later. She mentioned that an alternative proposal made by the Legislature will add back $29 million to the plan proposed by the Governor; however, what portions of this could go to WOU remain unknown and somewhat unspecified. Finally, she emphasized that increasing full-time faculty remains a key goal. 

4.3 Student Body President: 
Andy high discussed the upcoming OSA and OUS lobbies. He reported that the childcare grant has made it to the Ways and Means Committee for review. Student senate activity includes discussing incidental fee increases (to $133). 

5.0 Consideration of Old Business 

5.1 Pastega Award: 
This contentious issue has not been resolved. Reports from several divisions yielded a strong difference of opinion: Humanities, Social Science, and Creative Arts (for the most part) support limiting the award to teaching faculty only (as defined by the bargaining agreement). Natural Science and Business do not support proposed limitations. Health/PE does not have a consensus. Teacher Ed. perceived no need to change the eligibility requirements given that this problem happens so infrequently. There was no report from Computer Science. Questions about Pastega's intention and how long Teaching Research has been recognized on campus were discussed, as were issues about the guidelines the Honors Committee used to rate applicants. A new draft of guidelines will be written and it is likely a Faculty Senate vote will be made upon submission and re-consideration by Divisions. 

6.0 Consideration of New Business 

6.1 Report from Kerry Frost, WOU Bookstore Manager: 
Please review materials provided by Kerry. The bookstore has increased its mark-up from 20-30%, citing a variety of reasons; these include significant increases in rent, freight (tied to increased gasoline prices), and unsold books or mistake/last-minute purchases. Internet competition was discussed but there was some debate about how substantial this drain was or would be in the future. Some discussion about the copyright legality of providing texts via the library was had, owing to some students requesting this service (in lieu of paying for books); however, this practice seems questionable. Kerry also urged faculty and departments to let Kris Adams (the book buyer) know about books that would be used again (from term to term and year to year) because this could reduce unsold text costs. 

A motion to extend the meeting beyond 5:00 was made and approved. 

7.0 Reports of Interinstitutional Faculty Senators: 
Bob provided an outline of the recent IFS meeting at WOU and quickly summarized key points. Please share and review. Specifically, the IFS commended the WOU administration for their upfront presentations about the budget (as apparently compared with other campus administrations, noted by several IFS members). Faculty are urged to write personal letters to legislators to best communicate budget issues and concerns. 

The meeting was adjourned.