Pastega Award Issue Discussion, Division Meeting (2/6) 
WOU Forum (2/8) [Correction: 2/20. --ed.]

Meeting: January 23, 2001 3:30 p.m. 
Columbia Room 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll: 
Roll was automatic. The following Senate Members were absent: Joel Alexander, Marita Cardinal, Maureen Dolan, Juanita Heredia, David Janoviak, and David Olson. 

3.0 Corrections to and approval of minutes/Agenda Adjustments: 
The previous meeting minutes were approved. No adjustments were made. 

4.0 Reports of the Presidents 

4.1 Senate President: 
John summarized the agenda and noted that the manager of the bookstore would speak at the next meeting about issues (e.g. cost increases) there. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University: 
President Youngblood summarized two issues and then introduced Provost Minahan's subsequent overview of the Governor's proposed budget. General information: (1) The Chancellor's Office will provide 100K of the requested 300K for increases in disability services. (2) The next WOU Forum meeting will be held on February 8 [Correction: Feb. 20. --ed.] in a larger setting. Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend. 
Provost Minahan provided the official "Highlights of the 2001-3 Governor's Budget Recommendations for the OUS" publication to all present. Please review and share. Comparing the proposal's impact to that of legendary Measure 5, he summarized the significant points of the budget: no cost of living or inflation increases, no enrollment increase emergency funds, a reduction in the cell values from 88% to 81% of the "fully funded" model, and tuition increases. While the overall proposal makes significant across-the-board cuts, it does propose targeted dollars, several of which positively impact Western. These include retaining the small school adjustment and an undergraduate enrollment growth fund. Other pools of specific funds will go to the Bend campus and engineering programs, neither of which go to WOU. In terms of WOU, the Provost estimated the net difference between the funds available under the proposal (around 66 million) and the funds needed to sustain the current service level (around 62 million) for the next biennium to be significant but manageable. He and President Youngblood spoke on administrative cost-cutting measures already undertaken and underway, emphasized that WOU needs to maintain faculty and students, and reiterated the need to continue search/hiring freezes. He estimated that we needed to grow 150 FTE and endure some tuition increases to maintain service levels. Finally, he encouraged all to keep in mind that the budget situation will likely be unknown for awhile, to avoid giving into speculation, rumors, or negative press that could lead to a downward spiral. 

4.3 Student Body President: 
Andy High discussed the Feb. 20 lobbying day to address budget concerns, pointing out that the significant voter registration achieved last year will hopefully have a positive effect. He reported a lack of support for proposed special budget items in engineering or the Bend campus if it means cutting the overall CSL. He reported success with the Book Exchange program (approx. $15 K). 

5.0 Consideration of Old Business: 

5.1 Pastega Teaching/Research Guidelines 
Due to the need to proceed with nominations and selection, the uncertainty about whether this truly was a recurring issue (as it seemed only an issue in last year's selection) and a lack of concrete input, Bob Turner suggested proceeding with the old guidelines until a more careful analysis can be undertaken. Senators were asked to discuss the issue at their February 6 Division meetings. 

6.0 Consideration of New Business: 

6.1 Curriculum Committee/College of Education: 
After some discussion, the Senate voted unanimously to maintain two seats for the Division of Teacher Education, one for Elementary and one for Secondary Education. 

6.2 Kitzhaber Letter Proposal: 
After some discussion, the Senate killed the proposal to write a statement to Governer Kitzhaber regarding his recent public statements about WOU's salary increases. 

7.0 Reports of Interinstitutional Faculty Senators 
Bob Turner said the February meeting would be at WOU. There have been no other IFS meetings since the last senate meeting.