(1) Next meeting January 23 
(2) Please review Pastega Award Issues with your Division Senate Meeting Minutes 

November 28, 2000 
Columbia Room, 3:30 p.m. 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll: 
Roll was automatic. The following Senate Members were absent: Joel Alexander, Maureen Dolan, Kevin Helppie, Linda Keller, Marjory Lange, David Olson, and Mark Seabright. 

3.0 Corrections to and approval of minutes/Agenda Adjustments: 
Mark Perlman, who was reported as absent, was present. With this change, the previous meeting minutes were approved. The agenda was adjusted to include the Honors Committee/Pastega Award (item 6.4). 

4.0 Reports of the Presidents 

4.1 Senate President: 
John reported that Senator and Executive Committee Member David Hargreaves will be unable to continue in these posts. Marjory Lange was elected by the Humanities Division to replace him as Senator. John also summarized and distributed an overview of the recent Curriculum Committee approvals that were also approved by the Executive Committee. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University: 
President Youngblood discussed several challenges facing WOU: (1) The CSL (Current Service Level) Budget Shortfall (300-900 million range); (2) The impact ofMeasure 7 passing; (3) Utilities Increases (estimated 30-45% increase); (4) Increases in Disability Services (projected total is $560,000 this year). Subsequent discussion added the following: With regards to point (3), the Provost and Dean Chadney mentioned winter break building consolidation measures. With regards to point (4), President Youngblood pointed out that we have proposed "cell" changes in the defining of disability students to the Chancellor's Office and requested $300K in assistance. Provost Minahan distributed, summarized, and discussed current budget information. Please review this information. The budget is "in good shape." 

4.3 Student Body President: 
Andy High reported specific goals and activities regarding the Legislature, the possible establishment of a YMCA in Monmouth, and the Book Exchange. 

5.0 Consideration of Old Business: 

6.0 Consideration of New Business: 

6.1 Selection of at-large member of Senate Executive Committee. Marjory Lange was nominated and approved to replace David Hargreaves in this post. 

6.2 Selection of an Interinstitutional Faculty Senator. Hank Bersani (Education) was nominated and approved to fill this position. 

6.3 Reports from Faculty Senate Committees 

International Education: Gwenda Rice summarized recent activities of this committee that include the new NCSA Chile Program, the upcoming/current India/Nepal trip, and the reorganization of the Int. Ed. Program (the Office for which is under the direction of Kelly Mills). She concluded with a discussion of the goals and role of International Education at WOU. Key points included diversity issues on campus, foreign language programs, and recruitment. 

Curriculum Committee: 
No report. The anticipated presentation of "major creep" was briefly discussed, although it was decided that a detailed discussion of the "perceived problem" was necessary. 

6.4 Special Agenda Item - Honors Committee/Mario Pastega Award. Mark Perlman distributed and discussed a draft of the proposed new guidelines for the Pastega Award. Owing to division, this topic will be revisited following discussion at the division level. Please make an effort to discuss this topic before the next senate (anticipated in the latter half of January). Some key points or questions raised: Do research-only faculty have an advantage over teaching/research faculty if the purpose is research/professional? What about library faculty? Will the new "12-credit term" rule exclude faculty with occasionally reduced teaching loads? Is the purpose to recognize outstanding research at WOU or to recognize teaching faculty who are also able to establish significant research records? 

The meeting was adjourned.