Senate Meeting Minutes 
November 14, 2000 
Columbia Room, 3:30 p.m. 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll: 
Roll was automatic. The following Senate Members were absent: Joel Alexander, Maureen Dolan, David Hargreaves, Jeff Myers, David Olson, Mark Perlman, and Chehalis Strapp. Bob Turner substituted for Mike Ward. 

3.0 Corrections to and approval of minutes/Agenda Adjustments: 
The previous meeting minutes were approved. No adjustments were made. 

4.0 Reports of the Presidents 

4.1 Senate President: 
John gave no extensive report, noting that the objectives of this meeting were to provide committees the opportunity to make reports and to provide Senators with the opportunity to bring new business to the attention of Faculty Senate. Senators may also bring new business items up with John or members of the Executive Committee. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University: 
President Youngblood discussed the pending WOU Forum meeting tomorrow (11/15) and said that there should be more budget information at the next Senate meeting. Next month's OUS meeting agenda will include discussions of new campus-approved degrees: MA in Student Counseling and bachelor's degrees in Earth Science and Information Technology. 

4.3 Student Body President: 
Andy High reported strong student voter turnout based on campus efforts. He hopes this will have a positive impact on efforts to discuss relevant issues with the Legislature: support for campus childcare and need grants. 

5.0 Consideration of Old Business: 

6.0 Consideration of New Business: 

6.1 Reports from Faculty Senate Committees 

Information Services: Anne Fox provided specific information about the charge of this committee (advises the Library, the Instructional Technology Center, and University Computing; reviews matters and policies regarding information services). Goals for this year include: polling faculty/departments with respect to these issues, discussing specific issues of concern as they arise, and making efforts to coordinate other relevant committees and their charges: Student Technology Fee, Web Central, and Hardware/Software. Anne wanted to make it clear that this committee does not have a budget with which to make decisions about specific acquisition requests. Dean Chadney added that recent discussions about the PT3 Grant affirm the need to cohere relevant committees with similar information-oriented charges. 

Academic Requirements: Marita Cardinal spoke on behalf of this committee. Specific issues for this year will include Writing Intensive Course Requirements and evaluating existing interventions students on probation in order to improve retention. 

Committee on Committees: Carol Harding spoke on behalf of this committee. The charge of this committee is to oversee committee membership. This committee has evaluated how the recent re- structuring of the College of Education alters seats on campus committees. Only one committee (Werner Center) has called on the committee to make a specific decision about a position for which there were actually two people interested. 

Curriculum Committee: John Leadley spoke on behalf of Brian Caster. The only issue broached was potential major inflation beyond the "rule of thumb" 72 hour ideal. Whether this was a problem was put forth but no motions were made. It was suggested that Brian put together a formal report of issues with specific discussions and comparisons of majors if this is to be considered as "new business" for the Senate. 

Graduate Studies: Jean Bottcher spoke on behalf of this committee. They intend to discuss mentoring, advising and specific program requirements. 

Honors: Bob Turner said that thirteen Junior Honor Proposals have been submitted and the Honors Committee is currently examining criteria for the Pastega Award. 

Jensen Lectureships: Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon reported that there will be no lecture this fall. Rather, efforts are being directed to the spring lectureship which is being tied into the World Peace Conference in Portland. The Committee voted to formally invite Nobel laureate organization "Physicians for Social Responsibility" to speak on this campus at this time. 

International Education: No report. 

7.0 Reports from Interinstitutional Faculty Senators: 
No report. 

John mentioned the two current ad hoc committees: Honor Code and Workers' Rights Issue Committee. Honor Code has made regular presentations and we are pending further information from Peter Callero, head of the latter committee. 

The meeting was adjourned in a notably timely fashion. Thanks John.