Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Pacific Room, Werner University Center

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Call of the Roll.

In lieu of nametags, a new roll checklist with guest signing was distributed by John. Sarah likes this much better, it should be noted. The following senate members were absent: Joel Alexander, Brian Bonnlander, Maureen Dolan, David Janoviak, Linda Keller, Mark Perlman, Donna Perry, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Adele

Schepige, Darryl Thomas, and Tamina Toray. Owing to this high rate of absenteeism, a quorum was barely met.

3.0 Corrections to and approval of minutes/Agenda Adjustments

The previous minutes with Carol Harding's previously-distributed

corrections were approved.

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President

President Leadly summarized activities regarding the recent "audit" of the new OUS funding model requested by Brady Adams but WOU faculty representatives present at the June 29 event on campus were not present. A full report is expected later. A handout summarizing the "Joint Legislative Audit Committee Plan..." was distributed to all senators present. Please distribute to your constituents.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University

President Youngblood previewed SOAR, mentioning estimates for each of the next two SOAR weekends (589 and 476, respectively). She briefly summarized enrollment figures (4% increase in freshman, 3% increase in transfer students). She also stressed that the "small campus policy option package" is, at this point,

only a proposal at this point. A second proposal about changing "student cells" is also under consideration. In contrast with various information sources, we will not see any subsidies for awhile even if approved.

4.3 Student Body President

Andy High discussed hiring his new staff and major plans for the Student Vote 2000, the goal of which is to register student voters.

5.0 Consideration of Old Business

5.1 Change in by-laws: the motion to add website maintenance to the duties of the vice president was unanimously approved.

6.0 Consideration of New Business

6.1 Selection of Committee on Committees

John distributed a list of campus committees (with emphasis on faculty vs. professional staff officers) and a list of Committee on Committees duties as outlined by the Faculty Handbook. The motion to give the Administrative Support Council authority in terms of selecting non-faculty members on campus committees was approved. It was also stressed that the Committee on Committees must be formed no later than September 15th in order to approve other committee faculty make-up prior to fall term meetings.

7.0 Reports of Interinstitutional Faculty Senators

Bob Turner and Irja Galvan were at a workshop off-campus but provided a lengthy IFS report outline summarizing their notes about the June meeting. John distributed this. There are several important items in this report - although it is dominated by the Sizemore issue. Please share this information with your constituents.

The efficient meeting was adjourned.