Tuesday, April 11, 
3:30 p.m. Columbia Room 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll: 
There were two substitutions: Bryan Dutton for Irja Galvan; and Hank Bersani for Linda Keller. The following senators were absent: Wangeshi Gatimu, Tina Fuchs, Judy Bullington, Meredith Brodsky, and Dean Bethea. President Joel Alexander was absent; Vice President Laura Riollii-Saltzman administered the meeting in his place. 

3.0. Corrections to and approval of the minutes from the previous senate meeting/Agenda Adjustments. Minutes approved. There were no agenda adjustments. 

4.0. Reports of the Presidents 

4.1 Senate President 
Vice President Laura Riolli-Saltzman reminded all senators that new senator positions must be decided by the next meeting. She reminded all senators to check Joel's email which provided this information. The following errors in this email were noted: Carol Harding's term is not ending; Rodriguez-Perez' term is. Laura reminded us that the Executive Committee elections will take place May 23. The nominating committee for this committee will be decided upon after all new senate positions have been decided. Laura also reminded senators to review the large email of Executive Committee-approved course changes that Joel sent last week. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University President Youngblood was not present. 

4.3 Student Body President Obie Garza was not present.

 5.0 Consideration of Old Business 

5.1 Laura distributed the new "on-line course" routing form. Given that few faculty had seen this yet, it was moved to consider this form as "old business" at the next meeting. This motion was approved. 

6.0 Consideration of New Business 

6.1 New masters degree in School Counseling. The anticipated presentation/speaker for this new program was not present and materials about this new program had not been distributed prior to the meeting. Given this, it was moved that materials be distributed as soon as possible to all senators so that this program could be considered as "old business" at the next meeting. This motion was approved. 

7.0 Reports of the Interinstitutional Faculty Senators 
Bob Turner summarized the recent April IFS meeting in Eugene and provided extensive handouts. Please review these handouts for specific details. Bob's highlights of this meeting included the following points: (a) An OUS proposal to replace the existing 12-18 credit hour plateau with a per-credit fee system was discussed. The implications of this proposal may have serious impacts on financial- driven student perceptions of taking what may be perceived as "superfluous courses" outside the major (i.e. Western's strong liberal arts core). (b) Individual campus salary reports were discussed. OUS has stated a commitment to bring all salaries up to national standards over a period of four to six years. (c) Faculty are encouraged to get involved via any of the following: Scholars' Network, inviting candidates/legislators to campus, working through the President/Provost in terms of most effectively dealing with the OUS Board. (d) The Sizemore initiative was a serious topic owing to the large impact it will have on public education, higher education, and state employees. Bob reported that recent exit polls predict this measure is favored by 3:1. Please review materials provided. I have, as suggested, sent out copies of the Leglislative Fiscal Office's memo. detailing the potential impact of this initiative to ALL Division Chairs, the President, and Provost. Beyond this general information, faculty, as state employees, are not to use state resources in their responses to this initiative. Nevertheless, GET INVOLVED. 

8.0 Reports of Faculty Senate Sub-Committees

 8.1 Academic Requirements: None 

8.2 Curriculum Committee: 
Brian reminded everyone that the final meeting before the target catalog date (May 1 for final draft) is next Tuesday, April 18. He also reminded everyone that any proposals must pass through Faculty Senate/Exec. Committee after Curriculum. 

8.3 Graduate Study Committee: None 

8.4 Honors Committee: Bob announced the recipients of this year's Mario Pastega Award - Ed Dover and Del Schalock. Each will receive an award in full. Honors thesis presentations will occur on Wednesday, April 19. 

8.5 International Education/Services Committee: None 

8.6 Academic Information Committee: None 

8.7 Jenson Lectureship Committee: 
Janeanne reminded everyone about the upcoming spring lectureship. Any faculty interested in hosting the speaker in class should contact Janeanne. 

8.8 Honor Code Committee: 
Laura distributed this year's final report from the committee to be considered by the faculty senate. It was moved to consider these materials as "old business" at the next meeting. This motion was approved. 

The Meeting was adjourned.