Tuesday, March 28, 
3:30 p.m. Columbia Room 

1.0 Call to Order 

2.0 Call of the Roll:
 Dean Bethea, Brian Bonnlander, Meredith Brodsky, Brian Caster, Ming-Chi Own, Tina Fuchs, Linda Stonecipher, Darryl Thomas, and Stephanie Tunison were absent. 

3.0. Corrections to and approval of the minutes from the previous senate meeting/Agenda Adjustments. Minutes approved. There were no agenda adjustments. 

4.0. Reports of the Presidents 

4.1. Senate President 
Joel reminded the senate that we need to nominate faculty for Executive Committee. Keep this in mind at your upcoming Division meetings. Keep in mind, as well, that the revised catalog will need to be complete in May; any changes you are considering have to go through Curriculum Committee, which will meet only once prior to catalog deadlines. Joel also discussed a letter received from Paul Baxter regarding some recent problems with transfer students and Cultural Diversity course requirements. Several students appear to be coming in with what sound like appropriate cultural diversity courses on their transcripts but they are not being given LACC credit for these (and there appears to be no mechanism in place - for example a petition process - to request such credit). Similar problems relate to writing courses. There was some discussion about the need to address "W" and "D" designated courses in more depth. Joel also encouraged faculty to become involved with the Scholars Network that serves government officials; please review his previous email on the matter and contact him if interested. 

4.2 President of Western Oregon University 
Dr. Youngblood spoke on the upcoming Forum on Diversity (April 18th) and said a Budget Report will be presented in April. 

4.3 Student Body President 
Obie Garza reiterated the importance of April as Diversity Month and reviewed several planned events. He also mentioned the important recent Supreme Court decision regarding Incidental Fees, which allows students more impact/say in their allocation. He spoke of some bumps in the road that the proposed Chicano Studies minor is facing with Social Science. Faculty senate will take this issue up in the coming meetings and Obie stressed the positive impact this minor will have on campus. 

5.0 Reports of the Interinstitutional Faculty Senators There have been no IFS meetings. 

6.0 Reports of Faculty Senate Sub-Committees 
No reports yet. Joel did mention that Eric Cooley would be speaking on the issue of athletes and "mandatory attendance" policies in the coming term. 

7.0 Consideration of Old Business 
After consideration of the previous (8.1 and 8.2) by-law change proposals and some discussion, both the proposed changes were unanimously approved. Again, these changes (1) move the reports of the IFS/subcommittees to the end of the meeting; and (2) require new proposals go through a one-meeting wait period during which time senators can bring new items up with their divisions. Either of these may, of course, be suspended - for emergencies - with a senate vote. After the last special meeting regarding on-line curriculum, we also discussed whether on-line classes/degrees require Curriculum Committee approval. Several interesting ideas/points were made: The first major one was that a special "O" designation be defined, which would require approval; after discussion, however, faculty felt that an "O" was not comparable to W or D designations, which reflected graduation requirements. Students, after all, are not required to take an on-line class as part of his/her degree. The second major one suggested that there be a mechanism to verify that content for an in-class and on-line class was the same (whether at the Curriculum, special committee, or division level). Dean Chandney then alerted us to a new routing form that likely relates to this very idea. We voted to table further discussion until we see the exact contents of the new form - although there was some question about who approves forms. 

8.0 Consideration of New Business 
None mentioned here - although, again, there are several items (refered to above) that will be on the forefront. 

The Meeting was adjourned.