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Draft Minutes May 25, 2010

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3:31 pm

Scott Beaver, Dean Braa, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, David Doellinger, Bryan Dutton, Mark Girod, Scott Grimm, Bob Hautala, Solveig Holmquist, Elaina Jamieson, Robert Monge, Katherine Schmidt, Tad Shannon, Tracy Smiles, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Zenon Zygmont.

Ex-Officio: John Minahan, Kent Neely, Evan Sorce.

Doellinger changed "gray method" to "grading method." No other changes. Change to be made and minutes approved.

Katherine Schmidt, Faculty Senate (document B)

Announced President Schmidt's last meeting.

Executive Committee approved new course, "Introduction to Toxicology."

WOU Finance Information Committee scheduled for Wednesday, 06/02/10. Looking for a senator representative to attend. Requested volunteer.

Evaluation update. The Writing Center tutors are currently assembling evaluation packets and plan to have all packets ready for pickup (any time during the day) Thursday morning for division office managers.

E-mail came out regarding online evaluations for online courses.

Incomplete forms available via Academic Requirements Committee website. Mary Harden sent form via e-mail to all faculty members last week.

Met with the Finance Senate Committee Thursday (the Writing Intensive Committee). It was a summation of the year rather than looking forward. Issues and concerns raised by the Chair, Cornelia Paraskevas, included the following: There is no tangible benefit teaching writing intensive courses because they do not count favorably toward tenure promotion. The committee has no authority or profits for overseeing established W courses and recommending changes. There are no workshops offered for new and experienced faculty of W courses. This is all reasonable and maybe next year the new chair will look at those things.

New senators not here two weeks ago introduced: Jeanine Rockwell-Kincannon, Kevin Helpie, Tad Shannon.

New senator orientation in September. This provides overview of the senate and helps members navigate documents on the Portal (on-line). Offers best practice methods for communicating information to and from divisions.

One more person needed from newly constituted senate to join Committee on Committees for next year. Goals for next year: 1) Review revised charges brought by all committees--they will be brought to floor next year. 2) Facilitating a Rules Committee to establish common bylaws for the Senate Committee. 3) Examining representation relating to FTE. Jeanine Rockwell-Kincannon volunteered.

Academic Excellence Showcase. Bryan Dutton, Chair, Lisa Cater, Jean Dean, Lisa Maroney, Betty Orwick, Jack Templeton, and Rob Winningham.

John Minahan.
Spoke about economic forecast from the Office of Economic Analysis. They show WOU to be $511 M down this quarter. Governor shows $560 M. Governor ordering maintaining wage freezes. Next week there will be a meeting to discuss plans for the campus regarding hard economic times, and Minahan requests input from the faculty. Enrollment and housing strong. Budget is okay.

Evan Sorce, ASWOU.
Last week in office. Applications for next year located outside ASWOU office. Plans on one more bookstore committee.

Kent Neely.
Shared some plans for the future including possibility of new course offerings at new locations. Other universities are looking for new markets beyond existing borders, i.e., Internet. Looking for new classes to serve new needs and serve students who need additional education. WOU will address five-year followups for new offerings.

Institutions are now expected to include information about materials that students will be required to have in relation to courses in the class schedule. WOU will look into how to address that. It is primarily to make students aware of costs associated with classes.


Revise Add/Drop Form presented by Mary Harden.

Motioned by Scott Grim. Seconded by Dean Braa.

Motion to endorse the amendment to Add/Drop Form to add the words "do not" to the three override statements.

Motion passed.


Change/Additions to Program Change Form, Robert Monge (presenting for Laurie Burton) documents C, D & E.

Showed overhead of form. Changes to facilitate faculty to be more specific and clarify program changes.

To be first item of Old Business on 07/13/10.

Curriculum Committee Redistribution, Scott Beaver (for Klay Kruczek) document F.

Showed overhead of form. Committee on Committees decided to change representation of Curriculum Committee so that it is strictly divisional, (in the spirit of the U.S. Senate), with one representative from each of the divisions in each of the colleges. The only change that really happened is that the Division of Teacher's Ed. From the College of Education proposal was to change the representation from 2 members to 1. The Division of Teachers' Ed. is on board. All questions will be referred to Mark.

Question raised regarding how the columns were added as there were discrepancies.

Corrected document will be submitted. It will be posted in time for committee meetings next week.

This will be second item of Old Business on 07/13/10.

Honors Committee Redistribution, Scott Beaver (for Klay Kruczek) document G.

Honors Committee reviewed its own composition and put forth this proposal. Committee on Committees reviewed it carefully and considered it for an hour before voting unanimously to send it forward.

Changes Proposed: College of Ed. representative is going from 1 to 2 to specify the Division of Teachers' Ed and adding a seat in either Health and Physical Education or Special Education. The at-large seats are changing to be divisional specific to Psychology and either Business or Computer Science. Proposal is to eliminate the seat of the freshman representative. Any questions will be referred to the head of the committee, Bob Hautala.

Bob Hautala stated intent was to ensure representation university-wide.

Third item of Old Business to be addressed 07/13/10.


Newly elected senator position: Jeanine Rockwell-Kincannon.

Election for Executive Officers (paper ballot):
Current nominations: Gavin Keulks for president; Bob Hautala for vice president; Tracy Smiles for secretary; Cheryl Davis for at-large member; Jason Waite for at-large member.

Jason Waite voiced concern raised by Humanties colleagues about transparency of the nominating process. Concerned that there was no division meeting to suggest nominations.

President Schmidt reminded that during the last two senate meetings she announced nominations so that senators could take information back to divisions. Nomination Committee urged people to send names.

Results: President, Gavin Keulks 16; Vice President Bob Hautala 16; Secretary Tracy Smiles 16; At-large 16 votes each Cheryl Davis and Jason Wait.

Joel Alexander - Reported on OUS assessment. Request for individuals from each campus interested in assessment coming forward and joining a workshop for OUS protocol. Reported on proposed high school standards (math). University professors concerned about high school math.

Reported on U of O favoring bonds. Concerns regarding cost of educating students. Universities are more efficient in educating students at lower cost than community colleges. However, university professors have lower salaries, etc., and overall doing more for less cost.

Dean Braa asked whether universities could go to state legislature instead of Board of Education or have independent bonding authority.

Joel Alexander indicated those models have not been worked out.

John Minahan stated bonding would be preferable. Community colleges issue their own bonds, but he does not see getting bonding authority. COPs (bonds for infrastructure). Would have to depend on Marion/Polk Counties for taxation. State funding is probably the best.


Current officers released. New officers instated.

Moved Dean Braa, Seconded Scott Beaver
4:20 pm

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