Minutes 27 April 2010

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3:32 pm
Joel Alexander, Scott Beaver, Dean Braa, Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, David Doellinger, Bryan Dutton, Camila Gabaldon, Mark Girod, Scott Grim, Bob Hautala, Solveig Holmquist, Elaina Jamison, Pete Poston, Katherine Schmidt, Jason Waite, John Leadly
Ex-Officio: John Minahan, Evan Sorce

Approved without correction.

Katherine Schmidt, Faculty Senate

The executive committee approved new courses from Music Ensemble and Linguistics as well as minor changes to courses from Rehabilitation Counseling, Education, and French.

Robert Monge will replace Camila Gabaldon as Secretary for the May meetings and we will have a hired note taker for those meetings.

The Pastega Awards have been announced. Congratulations to Mark Girod and Karie Mize. The recognition ceremony is May 5 and all are encouraged to attend.

The deadline for revised committee charges was last week and those will be forwarded to the Committee on Committees who will then give recommendations to the Senate.

The executive Committee met last week with the Committee on Committees and will be meeting next week with the Writing Intensive Committee.

Scott Beaver gave a report on the joint committee on evaluation. They met with Provost Neely last week to address the fact that the SIR is a contractually agreed on instrument and invited the provost or a representative of his choice to work in parallel with the committee on establishing a replacement instrument for the next contract.

This year, we will still need to go with SIR; the question is whether the version will be paper or electronic. With the electronic version, there is concern is about lower than normal response rate when there already is a low response rate, particularly for those faculty applying for tenure and promotion.

Wanda Clifton- Faber clarified that we will be administering the online version during dead and finals week. Labs will be made available so that faculty can take their classes over to do the evaluations.

President Schmidt reminded the senate that we still need 2 at large members for the executive nominating committee.
Elaina Jamieson volunteered.
President Schmidt reminded the senate that we will need an additional person in 2 weeks.

We also need 2010 committee on committee members.
Jason Waite has volunteered as outgoing executive committee member.

The executive committee members are writing position descriptions, to clarify for future holders of these positions what their roles might be.

Mark Girod clarified that incoming senators need to attend the May senate meetings. President Schmidt verified this.

John Minahan, Western Oregon University
We closed registration period up 2.3% in enrollment, which puts us in excellent condition going in to the next biennium.

Our students were the only 2 Fulbright students out of OUS this year.

There will be interviews for Foundation positions soon and he wants to clarify that they are not multiplying positions. When Paul Moredock (the former Vice President for Advancement) left, they did not replace him. Instead Danielle Nelson was named as Director of Advancement and Ghie Carlson was named as Director of the Foundation. Danielle Nelson will be interviewing assistants to deal with the annual fund and the alumni association. They are hiring more people for approximately what they previously spent.
The Auction will be coming up soon and Peter Courtney will chair the committee.
President Minahan thanked the faculty for their efforts around here.
Three individuals were given awards at the national level for advising.

Dean Braa inquired about the status of the three largest universities as public corportations. President Minahan responded that it is still on the table, but not at all a done deal.
Evan Sorce added that the Oregon Student Association is also opposed to it and has been active in its opposition.

Bob Hautala asked for clarification about an Oregonian article President Minahan had mentioned during his report. President Minahan described a recent cover page story which detailed how WOU leads in minority retention.

Those kinds of things, in combination with 2 Fulbright scholars, moves us beyond a regional.

Joe Hutchinson, Staff Senate
Not present.

Evan Sorce, ASWOU
First, has a donation box for the Mark Youngsma memorial plaque and tree. They will also be selling Papa Murphy's discount cards next week.
He has been working on voter registration. ASWOU's goal was 200 and have registered around 100.
Working on textbook committee and are looking at how the relationship between publishers and professors works.
There will be a forum next Tuesday on Oregon Cannabis Tax act. Several professors will be presenting and they are hoping to also include law enforcement officers.
ASWOU elections are next week.

Kent Neely, Provosts' Council
Not present.

Proposal: Geropsychology Minor, Rob Winningham (document B)
A proposal from the psychology division for 27 hour minor with 1 required course, 12 hours of additional psychology.
There will be 11 hours of interdisciplinary course work that they can choose from.
Mark Girod moved to approve, Dean Braa seconded.
Passed unanimously.

Proposal: Catalog Expiration Policy, Nancy France (document C)
Dave McDonald presented for Nancy France.
Before presenting, he gave additional information about the advising awards won by Marita Cardinal and Karen Sullivan-Vance.

The proposal would expand the current 5 year catalog window to 7 years, which is more in line with other institutions.
Dean Braa moved to approve, Elaina Jamieson seconded.
The motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: Music Theatre Emphasis, Michael Phillips (document D)
This creates a new emphasis within the existing BA/BS degree. It keeps the current core and allows students the option of choosing hat their 24 credits of electives be the Musical Theatre Studio sequence.
Bob Hautala inquired about why they would eliminate electives. Michael Phillips responded that it is already kind of happening as students take classes in the areas they are interested. This lets them choose a set path.

Scott Grimm added that putting this in the catalog is a draw for students. Since they began talking about it, ½ of their auditions have been for Musical Theatre.
It gives the students something that they can put on their resume.

Memo: Charter Additions Proposal, Camila Gabaldon-Winningham (document E)
This proposal was withdrawn.

Memo: Native American Language Policy, Wanda Clifton-Faber (document F)
The Provost is hoping for affirmation from the Senate on this proposed language for accepting tribal languages to fulfill second language requirements.
Dean Braa asked if it will help recruit more students.
Wanda Clifton-Faber responded that they hope so.

Bob Hautala commented that the wording reads as though Native Americans are foreign.
Dave McDonald explained that part of the challenge is semantics between three potential ways of describing a language requirement. All of the terminology options are offensive to someone. This language was crafted with tribal representatives and codifies what we have been doing in practice, it doesn't change it.




Moved David Doellinger, Seconded Elaina Jamieson.

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