Minutes 11 May 2010

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Draft Minutes 11 May 2010

3:31 pm

Cheryl Beaver, Scott Beaver, Dean Braa, Sue Dauer, Maria Dantas-Whitney, Cheryl Davis, David Doellinger, Bryan Dutton, Michael Freeman, Mark Girod, Scott Grimm, Bob Hautala, Solveig Holmquist, Henry Hughes, Elaina Jamieson, Mike LeMaster, Robert Monge (for Camila Gabaldon), Katherine Schmidt, Tracy Smiles, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Zenon Zygmont

Ex-Officio: Kent Neely.

Approved without correction.

Katherine Schmidt, Faculty Senate (document B)

Scott Beaver gave a report. He met with Provost Neely Thursday afternoon. After hearing concerns of many faculty at meetings, it was requested that Provost Neely order paper SIRs for this term. Provost Neely said it that sounded reasonable, but he would check into logistics and timeline of it. Provost Neely, Wanda and Julie did that and found the paper SIRs could be ordered and processed in time so they would be here before the last week of classes. Provost Neely ordered the paper SIRs and they should be here within seven days and then the process begins to get those going. Campus-wide announcement will be sent out concerning cessation of paper. It is planned to move to the online SIR as soon as possible, at most by the end of the next bargaining cycle. Scott Beaver thanked Provost Neely for his efforts in this matter.

President Schmidt announced the Executive Officer Nomination Committee, including, Mark Girod, Scott Beaver, Elaina Jamison and Jeananne Rockwell-Kincannon.

President Schmidt reviewed executive officer positions and things most important in those positions not found in the bylaws. Showed document on overhead which can be found online. Item #6 for the president, representing faculty, usually a between 8-20 hours, depending on time of year. Item #7 (in bylaws) for vice president to serve as a visible parliamentarian. Requires 3-4 hours a week for one-year commitment. Secretary 6-8 hours per week and one year commitment. If committee for next year chooses to employ a minute-taker, the responsibility goes down to about 4-6 hours per week. This includes executive committee meetings and senate attendance. For at-large members (not found in bylaws) concerns mouse facilitator during meetings and requires about three hours per week and a one-year commitment. Past president has been advising on management matters. It is about two hours a week and he shows up for meetings. This is available online.

Elections to be held in two weeks. All new senators will be voting that day.

Will be electing Committee-on-Committee members today and need one more candidate in the newly constituted senate category. That element will be postponed until two weeks because several divisions have not voted and they do not have senators yet.

Introduced new senators: Tracy Smiles, Maria Dantas-Whitney, Cheryl Beaver, Mike LeMaster, and Michael Freeman

Provost Neely announced there was no report from provost council. It will meet on Thursday.


Proposal: Music Theatre Emphasis, Michael Phillips (doc C).
Dean Braa moved to accept; Elaina Jamieson seconded.
Motion passed to approve Musical Theatre Emphasis to become an option in the existing BA/BS in Theatre.

Memo: Native American Language Policy, Wanda Clifton-Faber (doc D).
Dean Braa moved to accept; Scott Beaver seconded.
Motion passed to endorse Native American Language as a second language policy.


Revise Add/Drop Form. Mary Harden indicated need for a change in wording of the form because of problems with faculty forgetting to check off boxes in Reason Box. This would reduce amount of time students are going back and forth if boxes are not checked.

David Doellinger mentioned grading method so students cannot modify form.

This will be the first item of "old business" in two weeks.

Incomplete Grade Policy. Mary Harden indicated that since Summer 2008 there have been 1815 incomplete grades recorded and 930 not removed from books. The problem is excessive paperwork in files when an instructor forgets to fill out form and students do nothing to fix. The result is failing to complete the course. It is suggested that students missing essential coursework for legitimate reason and are doing average or better, should be given the average grade at the end of the term with provision that they have up to 12 months to improve their grade. Incentive will be for students to improve GPA and diminish excessive paperwork. This puts responsibility on students to complete this.

If students who miss essential coursework with below average grades would have 12 months to complete coursework, but if work is not completed, grade will be changed to an F. If student graduates with incomplete courses, it will be permanent.

Instructors and students responsible to form contract for completion of coursework. It is instructor's discretion if student has legitimate excuse to be given extension to complete work and possibility of improving grade. If instructor does not initiate a grade change, it does not change. Gives students incentive to hurry to get work completed.

Hilda Rosselli was concerned if this would be able to be implemented by fall and be included in all handbooks. Would policy be able to come into agreement within all departments and have consistency? Would this influence students to try to get out of major course work at the end of term?

Mary Harden reiterated the issue driving this issue is the number of incompletes in files. This is the only institution (school) that does not convert Incompletes to F's.

Scott Beaver wanted clarification of difference between not completing a course whether a student is doing well or not completing it because they are doing poorly.

Dean Scheck commented that records peppered with I's show a student has no follow-through. I's that stay permanently are "mercy F's" and a way for students to avoid F grades.

Mark Girod concerned about more students debating grades.

Provost Neely suggested that I's be awarded for extenuating circumstances to give the student time to make up course work.

Mary Harden will consider taking back to committee to discuss further. Maybe there should be more stringent conditions.

Committee-on-Committee ballots were distributed to senators for 2010/2011 election. Ballots collected and counted. 17 for Jason Waite/0 write-ins. 17 for Katherine Schmidt/0 write-ins. 17 for Bryan Dutton/0 write-ins. Someone volunteered Amanda Smith to be the senator for the newly constituted senate, but that result cannot be counted.

President Schmidt wanted to remind all that they are planning to make committee more functional, proactive and recognizable in two years.




Moved Dean Braa, Seconded Jason Waite.
4:19 pm

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