Agenda Documents for Senatorial Review:

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A: 26 May 2009 meeting minutes for corrections link to Draft May 26 Senate Minutes file
B: FYI--27 May 2008 meeting minutes documenting NEW deadline for curriculum changes (see highlighted sections) link to Faculty Senate Minutes,_5-27-08_new curriculum deadline file
C: FYI--Music Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee link to Curriculum Changes_MUS_July 2009 file
D: FYI--Theatre Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee link to Curriculm Changes_TA_July 2009 file
E: Faculty Handbook Revision Process, Provost Neely link to WOU Faculty Handbook Revision Update file
F: Business Administration Curriculum Changes link to Curriculum Changes_BA_July 2009 file
G: Textbook Rental Program, Associate Provost McDonald currently no doc submitted

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