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Draft Minutes 7/14/2009

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Western Oregon University
Faculty Senate Minutes
14 July 2009, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Hamersly Library 107

Online Documents for Senatorial Review (www.wou.edu/president/facultysenate):
A: 26 May 2009 meeting minutes for corrections
B: FYI--27 May 2008 meeting minutes documenting NEW deadline for curriculum changes
C: FYI--Music Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee
D: FYI--Theatre Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee
E: Faculty Handbook Revision Process, Provost Neely
F: Business Administration Curriculum Changes
G: Textbook Rental Program, Associate Provost McDonald

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM
Katherine Schmidt, Scott Beaver, Mark Girod, Zenon Zygmont, Elaina Jamieson
Sandra Hedgepath, Gay Timken, Camila Gabaldon, Bryan Dutton, David Doellinger, Dean Braa, Carl Schroder

John Minihan, Evan Sorce, Dave MacDonald, Kent Neely, Joe Hutchinson

No corrections were submitted. The minutes were approved

Katherine Schmidt, Faculty Senate (documents B, C, and D)

  • There has been a change in the deadline for submitting curriculum changes to the Curriculum Committee. Please share the date [January ] with your Divisions immediately and persistently

  • The Executive Committee took the following actions at their last meeting:

    1. Approved curriculum changes for Music and Art.

    2. Agreed to change the website:

    3. Website as the main content location for upcoming meeting materials

    4. Soon-to-be-updated members list will be moved to a different page on the site

    5. The committee on committees will be updating lists and charges for all committees, these will be posted on the site

    6. Minutes of meetings will be pasted in to the blog for easy search and retrieval

  • There will be an orientation for new senators during new student week; both new and returning Senators are encouraged to attend.

  • There is now a cheat sheet for Robert's Rules of Order on the back of name tags, for the convenience of Senators.

  • The Senate planning meeting for the upcoming year will be 9/22/2009.

  • Bill Kernan has announced that faculty whose computers are being replaced this year will have the option of choosing whether their computer will be a laptop or desktop, Mac or PC. Senators are encouraged to consider requesting a laptop, so that they can bring it to meetings and save resources.

John Minahan, Western Oregon University

  • We have had 3 SOARs so far, which have resulted in a Freshman class of 791 frosh (39 more than last year). We have additional SOARs scheduled and we want to increase this number to 1000, as the Tuition Promise will be hard to hold without 1000 freshman.

  • The State legislature closed without balancing the budget, so budgeting will have to be re-opened. We are planning on 20% budget cut.

  • Composition of the incoming class is bimodal, with the income of parent-dependent students increasing and the income of independent students decreasing. We need to find a way to decrease this bimodality in order to maintain our first generation feel. A possible solution is more scholarships.

  • We have had a focus visit from NWACC and did not score high. Our systems of assessment were ok, but they way in which we use the assessment (e.g. to determine changes in curriculum) did badly. This was common with other institutions. We may need to be more careful about how we make curriculum changes. It may not be enough to say we think it is a good idea.

  • We are up 7.6% in total enrollment; Retention is "out of sight." Because retention rate is so high, more students are taking LACC in their year, meaning we are tight in sections for those courses and have fewer seats for freshmen. We will be adding sections - we cannot afford to lose students because there are no seats.

  • Tuition is up 9% for incoming students, this compares to U of O who is up 15%.

  • Otherwise, we are in good shape financially, though there are some concerns about the Tuition Promise. It does not seem right for the costs to be pushed entirely on to the freshmen, unless the enrollment numbers are very high and they are very rich. They have developed scenarios for making it work.

  • Also, potentially impacting our students this year, the Opportunity Grant will be cut off August 15. Dave MacDonald reported on behalf of the president that 1/3 of our students are eligible for opportunity grants and last year the cut off was in October. There is an effort to have winter and spring awards, but not optimistic.

Joe Hutchinson, Staff Senate

  • Announced that he will be coming to meetings and is pleased that there is a seat for the Staff Senate president

  • He has been working with Drs. Taylor and Killloran on an Emergency Management grant for the last 15 months. Last week they were informed they had received the grant and he is excited about the possibilities for upgrading and enhancing our systems at WOU.

Evan Sorce, ASWOU

  • Brought greetings from students. He looks forward to working with faculty and has been talking to students about what faculty can do to enhance their learning at WOU, including booklists that are availabe well in advance of the beginning of classes.
  • Sustainability is his big issue, more recycling bins, etc.

  • There was some discussuion about the cost of texbooks at the bookstore as compared to other sources. Zenon Zygmont, who was on textbook committee in 2003 remarked that at that time, the bookstore's mark up was 30% new and 35% used. Mark Weiss mentioned that at the root of this is the question of whether we want a bookstore on campus or not. The bookstore is supposed to break even at the end of the year. It has not for the last several years.

Kent Neely, Provosts' Council

  • He had three meetings last week with OUS regarding academic strategies and thanked Dean Rosselli for attending the Provosts' Council in his place.
  • The Academic Strategies committee had 5 priorities that were presented by Jim Fransisconi
    1. Revise institutional missions
    2. Making sure critical needs are being met in the state (teacher education, health professions, etc.)
    3. A recruitment strategy for increasing participation from students in rural Oregon
    4. Latino students parity and success
    5. Priorities for increasing completion and retention
  • The group will likely grow
  • Chancellor spoke of line item veto by governor
  • At board meeting there was a dramatic showing of students interested in keeping tuition low
  • U of O - showcased electronic course evaluation system "what do you think" we are doing a beta test of a similar system this fall
  • There is a moratorium on the board reviewing new programs, but the Provosts' Council did review some to be reviewed by the board when that moratorium is lifted


Faculty Handbook Revision Process, Provost Neely (document E)

  • Last year, in reviewing the handbook, he realized it was old. Since this is is a critical piece of information for faculty, he looked into revising it. During that process, he learned that faculty had worked on revising it previously and he solicited additional review from that group.

  • The revisions are now almost complete. Wanda Clifton-Faber will be compiling them and they will go on the web, so that there is something in place for fall. The web document will be a live document, with regular opportunities for faculty and div chairs to comment and revise. Bryan Dutton added that the incoming senate and faculty union representatives have reviewed it.

Curriculum Proposals: Business Administration, Hamid Bahari-Kashani (document F)
John Leadley

  • This change would be to the Master of Science in Management and Information Systems. It changes the business courses in this degree from 3 to 4 credits.

  • It is felt that a 3 credits is not enough at the master's level and they have been temporarily been teaching the classes at the 4 credit level with more success.They are also dropping 1 class, so total credits stays approximately the same.

Textbook Rental Grant Proposal, Associate Provost McDonald (document G)

  • It costs $1120 per year for the average full time student to buy text books (varies by discipline). This average has gone up 50% since 96-97; It is one of those "hidden costs" of college

  • FIPSE program (Federal government) is running a grant that would allow universities to develop innovative programs for course material rental

  • There are 3 considerations
    1. Appropriate resource (determined by faculty)

    2. Cost to students

    3. Bookstore impact

  • There is a very short turn around on this, so WOU's chances are good.

  • There was much discussion about the potential impact of this program and the creative ways faculty have already begun utilizing to deal with this issue, including using articles instead of texts and putting them on eReserve and purchasing old editions of the books and making them available at the library.

Additional items?




Adjourned 4:21

Minutes Feb. 24, 2009

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Scott Beaver, Roy Bennett, Mark Perlman for Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, David Foster, Mark Girod, Bob Hautala, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Elisa Maroney, David Murphy, Kent Neely, Joe Peng, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Peggy Pedersen, Katherine Schmidt, Joe Harchenko

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from February 10th, 2009 meeting
Action: Minutes approved with minor corrections.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President, Mark Girod's Report

In executive session,
I. Approved course description changes to MUS 418 and MUS 518.
II. Chair of curriculum committee, Lorie Burton, has suggested that we re-examine the description of what qualifies a course for a "D" designation. Executive committee will bring a proposal to the Senate as to how this might unfold.
III. Emily Plec will convene the members of the Faculty Senate Awards Committee in an attempt to ensure that we are best meeting the wishes of contributing families and faculty senate.

President's report, Provost Neely for John Minahan:

Senator Hass has introduced Senate Bill 442 to the legislature, a bill that is meant to investigate the possibility of consolidating the regional institutions of higher education with other existing state universities. President Minahan took the initiative of contacting senator Hass last week and personally delivered a letter to the office of Senator Hass. The principal point in the letter was that Western Oregon University has distinguished itself as a unique university within the Oregon University System (by overcoming considerable financial challenges and continuing to demonstrate momentum in fulfilling a unique mission) and is distinct from the other universities that have been identified as being regional. Because of our success, we should not be looked at as part of the problem nor should we be looked at as part of the solution for other campuses.

WOU continues to do very well in attracting students and admitting students. Compared to last year, we have improved by over 14% in the number of students who have applied for admission at Western. Of those who have applied, we have had 33% who are admitted. We have also had tremendous success in increasing our Hispanic student applications by 36% and increasing our admissions by 65%. We have also had great success in retaining students transitioning from freshman to sophomore.

We have maximized revenue through our retention efforts, through additional recruitment of traditional students, through our new minority recruitment plan, and the continuing recruitment of international students.

Regarding program changes: Program changes should only be brought forward if there is a very clear and persuasive case that can be made regarding retention, recruitment, access, or minimizing expenses.

David McDonald gave a brief summary of yesterday's reading: The panel is aware that we are dealing with a $3 plus billion deficit in terms of the next biennium. The committee is looking for the university system to be part of the solution. Our failure to do so will empower them to make decisions on our behalf. It will be necessary to consider what is best for students.

Mark Weiss also stated: On February 19th, the governor announced furloughs, salary freezes, and some salary rollbacks for state government, Chancellor's office, and the offices of the university presidents. This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
The expected financial impact is a $9 million reduction this year for OUS--$443,000 of that is directly attributable to Western. Consequently, we reduced our appropriation by $443,000. With the additional reduction of about $800 million of revenue shortfall this year, the Oregon university system is being asked to take another $37 million reduction, translating to approximately $1.8 million for WOU. Our expected fund balance for the end of this year is about 12%. We expect the reductions for next biennium to be $4 million per year--that represents 20 % less than the funding level we got from the state in the 07-09 biennium and approx 30% below what we consider to be our essential budget level.

We're in the process now of beginning to put together our next year's budget. We expect our enrollment to remain even. We think a 7% to 9% increase in tuition for the new cohort of students entering the university next year may be necessary. We will have an increase in remission levels. A salary freeze will likely be essential for the next biennium, as will some reduction in S and S budgets.

Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report

ASWOU, Max Beach's Report
No report

Provost Kent Neely's Report
No report. Provosts' Council will meet next week.

IV. Old Business

Request to establish 800 course numbers: JoNan LeRoy Director for DEP

It was proposed that WOU define 800 Professional Development numbers.

Action: Senate unanimously approved to endorse the establishment of 800-level Professional Development course numbers.

Graduate Studies: Linda Stonecipher, Director of Graduate Studies

Proposed: a conditional admission proposal for graduate language requirement. The main intent of this policy is to create an educational environment that emphasizes English language development that will provide international students with the necessary foundation for graduate-level coursework.

Changes to the proposal:
Page 2, Policy Log;
IELTS log will be 6.0 rather than 6.5;
Page 3 part C "During the year of conditional admission" is changed to "During conditional admission";
Page 3 part C #2, "receive at least a B- on all coursework" will be made more explicit by indicating that "all coursework" means "each course"

Action: Senate unanimously approved the proposal with the corrections as noted.

Military Science: Colonel Susuico

Proposal for MS 118 designated as an LACC class.

Action: Senate unanimously agreed to table action on this proposal until the March 10th meeting.

Revised Sports Leadership Minor: Marita Cardinal

Three changes are proposed:

1) Change in language for the elective course options from: "Choose three credits
total from coaching classes and /or practicum" to "Choose six credits of sport- or
coaching-related courses and/or coaching practicum, with advisor approval."

2) Increase the credit hours from 2 to 3 for PE 361.

3) Add PE 420: Motor Learning for Coaches as an alternative to Regular Motor Learning.

Action: Senate unanimously approved the proposed Sports Leadership Minor changes.

Theater Arts: Michael Philips

Proposed: a number of small curricular changes and corrections to theater degree programs. Additional classes are added to fill curricular holes and to better align the program with the National Association of Schools of Theater (NAST). Changes do not alter the total number of required credits for each degree.

Action: Senate unanimously approved the Theater Arts proposed changes.

Graphic Design: Diane Tarter

Proposed title changes for some of the existing courses and three new courses. The
three added courses (Digital Design A423, A424, A425) will run parallel to the
Print Design sequence. The new courses provide more options for graphic design
students. Students may choose to take one or both of the 400 level sequences after
completing all prerequisites in art foundations, introductory 200 level courses, and
the 300 level year-long sequence. This flexible choice option fits within the 84
credits required in the art major. This addition is proposed in order to align WOU's
art program with current practices and university offerings in the state, our region,
and the nation.

Action: Senate unanimously approved the proposed changes to the Graphic Design program.

Music: Joe Harchenko

New course proposal: MUS 404 Junior Seminar. In order for us to be more in line with other institutions, a zero credit-hour requirement that would be passed upon successful completion of the capstone project.

Action: Senate unanimously approved the new course proposal.

V. New Business

No new business

VI. Additional Reports and Items

Office of Institutional Research and Sponsored Projects (OIRSP) report

Action: Senate agreed to table this report and discussion until our March meeting.

VII. Meeting Adjourned


Senate Agenda 5-26-09

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Senate Agenda 5-12-09

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Senate Agenda 4-28-09

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Senate Agenda 4-14-09

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Senate Minutes 2-24-09

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A: 26 May 2009 meeting minutes for corrections link to Draft May 26 Senate Minutes file
B: FYI--27 May 2008 meeting minutes documenting NEW deadline for curriculum changes (see highlighted sections) link to Faculty Senate Minutes,_5-27-08_new curriculum deadline file
C: FYI--Music Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee link to Curriculum Changes_MUS_July 2009 file
D: FYI--Theatre Curriculum Changes, approved by Executive Committee link to Curriculm Changes_TA_July 2009 file
E: Faculty Handbook Revision Process, Provost Neely link to WOU Faculty Handbook Revision Update file
F: Business Administration Curriculum Changes link to Curriculum Changes_BA_July 2009 file
G: Textbook Rental Program, Associate Provost McDonald currently no doc submitted

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