Minutes 26 May 2009

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Mark Girod, Scott Beaver, Susan Daniel, David Doellinger, Marie Lejeune for Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, Camila Gabaldon, Robert Hautala, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Roy Bennett, Elisa Maroney, John Minahan, Kent Neely, Katherine Schmidt, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Peggy Pedersen, Pete Poston, Solveig Holmquist, Joe Harchanko, Mark Van Steeter, Curt Yehnert

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from May 12th, 2009 meeting

Action: Minutes approved with minor corrections.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President Report: Mark Girod

1. New deadline for submitting curriculum changes will be distributed to faculty via email.

2. Executive committee redrafted the WOU diversity statement.

3. A couple of small curriculum changes will be passed on to the new Senate.

4. Please encourage participation in Academic Excellence Day.

University President Report: President Minahan

We leave the year with our enrollment being up 13% and actual admission up over 17% from last year.

We recently held an athletic auction. Although our donor gifts are about one half of what they were the previous year, we're up about $7000 for a net of $23,000 for scholarships for athletics. We cut a lot of our expenses which increased our net in scholarships.

Our 9% proposed tuition increase has gone over fairly well in the legislature. Given that this increase is only for freshmen, the average increase to the student body is less than 3%.

Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report

ASWOU President, Max Beach's Report:
No report

Provost Kent Neely's Report

No Provost Council meeting to report. The next report will be given at the July 14th meeting.

IV. Old Business

General Education Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes: Shaun Huston

Shaun Huston shared the revised Gen. Ed. Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes Document.

Action: Unanimously agreed to accept the Western Oregon University General Education Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes as written.

Review of Interdisciplinary College Study (ICS) courses

Mark Girod reviewed the intent of the ICS review, the ICS course review process, and the ARC recommendations. Provost Neely, after conversations with Nancy France, Niki Young, and Karin Sullivan-Vance regarding the course review process, determined that the proposed process seems achievable.

Action: Senate approved (with one member in opposition) the ARC recommendations with the exception of grandfathering in any courses. All courses are to go through curriculum review.

V. New Business

Senate Elections

Elections were held for Senate positions. Elected were:

Senate President: Katherine Schmidt
Vice President: Scott Beaver
Secretary: Camila Gabaldon
Members at Large for the Executive Committee: Jason Waite, Cheryl Davis

Committee on Committee membership:

The following members agreed to sit on the Committee on Committees:
Klay Kruczek, Mark Girod, Scott Beaver, Dana Ulveland, Robert Hautala

Action: Senate unanimously agreed to accept membership as outlined.

Revised Statement on Diversity: Mark Girod

Mark Girod shared the Executive Committee's work on the Western Oregon University Diversity Statement.

Action: Unanimously agreed to accept the proposed WOU Commitment to Diversity Statement.

Faculty Senate Awards Committee: Bryan Dutton

Bryan Dutton shared the Committee on Committee's Revised Recommendations for the Faculty Senate Awards Committee.

Action: It was unanimously agreed to approve the Committee on Committee recommendations for the Faculty Senate Awards Committee.

VI Additional Reports and Items

No additional reports.

VII. Meeting Adjourned


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