Minutes 12 May 2009

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Mark Girod, Scott Beaver, Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, Scott Grim, Robert Hautala, Sandy Hedgepeth, Henry Hughes, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Roy Bennett, Elisa Maroney, Mark Weiss for John Minahan, David Murphy, Kent Neely, Katherine Schmidt, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Peggy Pedersen, Solveig Holmquist, Joe Harchanko, Mark Van Steeter

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from April 28th, 2009 meeting

Action: Minutes approved with minor correction.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President Report: Mark Girod

1. The '09-'10 deadline for curriculum proposals is earlier than this year. An email will be sent out confirming new dates.

2. Please ensure new senators are elected and that they attend the next meeting.

3. Writing 230 was approved in executive session.

4. Tina Fuchs, Dean of Students, is looking for a few good citizens to serve on the University Students Conduct Committee. Please forward the names of any interested and eligible candidates to Tina.

University President Report: Mark Weiss for President Minahan

The Chancellor asked that the Presidents of the seven institutions collaborate on a response to the proposed budget as articulated by the Ways and Means Committee co-chairs. The purpose of this response is to help the committee understand what the proposed budget cuts would mean for Oregon higher education. The projected OUS biennium reduction is proposed to be $129 million of the total appropriation. State appropriations supporting the Chancellor's Office operations will be decreased by 25% below the essential budget level

Items of note:

• that tuition increases greater than 3.6 per year per resident undergraduate would require a 30% set-aside at a difference above a 3.6% increase for need-based financial aid.

• that the system as a whole would reduce salaries and associated benefits by 4.6% from current levels for a system-wide savings of almost $5 million.

• that tuition increases at larger campuses would be about 9% and in no case will be above 10%.

• that increases at smaller campuses, excluding WOU, will average 6% per year. Because of our tuition promise, we will not raise tuition for students in the 'Promise Program.' We will increase tuition for new students entering this year's cohort by 9%.

• that around the system employee position elimination would be about 100 FTE and State Public Service Employees will be about 55 employees with an additional 50 FTE on federal grants that are leveraged with State funds.

Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report

ASWOU President, Max Beach's Report:
No report

Provost Kent Neely's Report

Eastern Oregon University, suffering a fairly serious decline in enrollment, is currently being urged by businesses and local citizens to provide workforce training and re-training initiatives. The university has sought to revive two associates degrees--an AA in Education and an AS in Management.

A number of programs that were in the pipeline prior to the 'moratorium on programs' are being considered by a number of institutions.

The Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning made a presentation of a compilation of all institutions and presented as a 'Performance Measures Report'--a cumulative gathering of information about how pre-set measures are being met by each of the seven institutions. This report can be accessd at : www.ous.edu/factreport/mp/files/2009%20OUS%20Performance%20Report.pdf

IV. Old Business

Policy on Children in the Classroom

Senators were given the opportunity to voice any concerns raised by faculty as to the content or design of the Policy.

Action: Unanimously agreed to approve the Children in the Classroom Policy as written.

Statement on Diversity

Senators shared any pertinent feedback received from divisions.

Action: Unanimously agreed that Executive Committee would integrate the suggestions that have been submitted and craft an edited version of the statement to be brought back to faculty senate for final approval on May 26th.

V. New Business

Review of ICS Courses: David MacDonald

It was requested that the 'elective-only' ICS courses be involved in a formal review process. This review process would run parallel to the other university course reviews. The purpose would be to tighten policies and procedures around course offerings.

Mark Henkels spoke to the ARC review of the ICS proposal. The IRC provided a number of recommendations. The desire for course assessment was supported.

Committee on Committees: Bryan Dutton

'D' Designation Recommendation

The Committee on Committees considered the request to create a Diversity Committee that would be responsible for evaluating and approving 'D' designation course proposals. The committee recommended that a taskforce be charged with revisiting the criteria for 'D' courses and ultimately establish an evaluation rubric to be used by the Curriculum Committee. The taskforce should be composed of two faculty members from each college along with a representative from the Curriculum Committee.

Action: It was unanimously approved to move ahead with the Committee on Committee's recommendations with the amendment to have a continuing Curriculum Committee representative serve on the committee to provide continuity.

Faculty Senate Awards Committee

After reviewing the guidelines regarding committee membership on the Faculty Senate Awards Committee, it was suggested that the benefactor's instructions regarding committee membership would be helpful.

Action: It was unanimously agreed that the Faculty Senate Awards Committee recommendations be returned to the Committee on Committees to consider : 1) incorporating Library Media Services membership; 2) having rotating membership on the committee to provide continuity; and 3) to address working with the Provost's Office to host an awards ceremony.

VI Additional Reports and Items

At-large elections for Nominating Committee

Action: Roy Bennett and Sue Dauer were elected for the Nominating Committee

VII. Meeting Adjourned


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