Minutes 14 April 2009

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Mark Girod, Scott Beaver, Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, David Foster, Robert Hautala, Sandy Hedgepeth, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Shirley Lincicum for Roy Bennett, Elisa Maroney, John Minahan, David Murphy, Kent Neely, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Peggy Pedersen, Solveig Holmquist for Joe Harchanko, Mark Van Steeter, Curt Yehnert

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from March 10th, 2009 meeting
Action: Minutes approved.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President Report: Mark Girod

The following curriculum actions were taken in Senate Executive Committee on 4/8/09

Deleted Courses:

PSY 498/598
PSY 440/540
PSY 471/571
PSY 472/572
PSY 496/596
PSY 649
PSY 632
PSY 627
PSY 624
PSY 623
PSY 619

New Courses:

ED 240 Young Adult Literature
ED 230 Children's Literature in the Classroom
MS 118 Military Physical Conditioning

Please ensure that your division has elected new senators for 09/10 and ask that old and new senators attend both May meetings so that all are available for Senate office elections.

After an incident whereby a student announced that she was bringing her children to class with her, Provost Neely looked into the state of the policy that speaks to having children attend classes. This policy was subsequently examined by an OUS lawyer and the policy language was tightened up. The policy was examined by the Senate Executive Committee and the issues raised earlier by the committee have been adequately addressed.

Elisa Maroney shared with the Senate that Senate President Mark Girod has been newly appointed Chair of the Division of Teacher Education. The Executive Committee did not see any reason that Mark should not fulfill his role as Senate President. The floor was opened to allow Senators to voice any concerns over this issue. Given that no concerns were voiced, Elisa offered to take any concerns received via email and share those concerns with the Senate Executive Committee.

President John Minahan's report:

President Minahan has been preparing for the Ways and Means Budget Review for the Oregon University System.

The Joint Ways and Means Committee will go on the road to receive testimony around the state to talk about the impact of a 30% reduction in budget on local communities with the idea that the impact will be so severe the people will want to see a tax increase.

President Minahan and Paul Mordock have been having conversations regarding our 25000 person alumni base. Currently those who contribute to the University is about 6%. That means we have about 1500 alumni from the 25000 that actually give money to the university. That works out to be approximately $133.00 per donor. A hundred or less donors account for the majority of the money contributed to the university. We have received over one million dollars this year--that is up from last year's $778,000. Because we are not connecting very well to our broad alumni base we are looking at segmenting the alumni group and start addressing specific groups. We will be meeting with division chairs and deans and other university administrative staff to look for strategies that might lead to better access to our alumni base.

Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report

ASWOU President, Max Beach's Report:
No report

Provost Kent Neely's Report

Provost Neely shared the Faculty Engagement Survey 'Invitation to Participate' document. This Invitation describes the purposes for the survey as well as the benefits that might be derived from having faculty participate in the survey.

Provost's Council Meeting

The Higher Education Board approved new admission, enrollment, and tuition approaches to increase student participation in college and manage costs. Additional information can be found at http://www.ous.edu/news_and_information/news/040309.php

Proposed policies regarding undergraduate program demand and minimum class size were presented for the 2009-11 biennium. The Provosts' Council will annually review the number of bachelor's degrees awarded for those awarding fewer than 5 degrees along with enrollment trends for the past 5 years and report to the Board. No undergraduate lecture course enrolling fewer than 10 students will be scheduled unless there is a compelling educational reason that will be determined by the institution's president and provost/chief academic officer. Some courses will be excluded from consideration due to prevailing pedagogy and the nature of the course or program.

A tuition task force established guidelines in terms of tuition. These guidelines state: no student should be deterred from enrolling in college due to tuition costs; need-based aid should increase with tuition rates so as not to impede student access; non-resident students should pay a larger share of instructional costs when marketing conditions permit; and tuition pricing should be moderate and predictable in order to protect quality; and, financial liability must be maintained by balancing the principles of access, affordability and quality.

IV. Old Business

General Education Curriculum Review Committee:

Shaun Huston shared the proposed Draft of the "Western Oregon University General Education Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes." Some suggestions for changes were provided. Shaun asked that other divisions suggest any other changes to the learning outcomes as soon as possible.

Action: Senate unanimously agreed that revisions go back to the ad hoc committee for further consideration and wordsmithing.

Political Science:

Action: Senate unanimously approved PS 204 as an LACC designated course.

Action: The Political Science Department's request to: 1) add a concentration area (Public Policy and Administration) and, 2) propose three new classes (PS 432 Global Health, PS 441 Causes of Peace, and PS 459 Government and Politics of Latin America) was tabled until the next meeting.


Carol Harding reviewed the Humanities program changes that included tightening up the requirements for the Humanities.

Action: Senate unanimously approved the Humanities program changes as outlined.

International Studies:

Robin Smith reviewed the proposal to: 1) change Com 325 Intercultural Communication to PS 204 Comparative Politics; 2) the addition of 9 regional courses and 11 topical courses (all newly additional courses); and, 3) addition of new catalogue language.

Action: Senate unanimously agreed to accept the proposed changes.


Robin Smith reviewed the proposal to add a new non-thesis track B.A or B.S. in Anthropology (still 64 hour); and, change the thesis track to B.A. only.

Action: Senate unanimously agreed to accept: 1) the Anthropology's institution of a non-thesis track B.A or B.S. in Anthropology; and, 2) to restrict the thesis track to B.A. only.

Action: Senate agreed (with one opposition and two abstentions) to refer the Anthropology's proposal--to award the thesis BA in Anthropology with Departmental Honors to students earning 3.25 overall and 3.5 in the major and have this designation recorded on the transcript and diploma--to the Academic Requirements Committee.

Political Science:

Action: Senate unanimously approved the new courses PS 441 Causes of Peace, and PS 459 Government and Politics of Latin America and tabled consideration of PS 332 Global Health until members from Political Science and Health meet to work out content and name issues.

Action: Senate unanimously agreed to table the Political Science Department's request to add of a new concentration area (Public Policy and Administration).

V. New Business

D Proposals: Laurie Burton

Laurie recommended creating a Diversity Committee similar to the WI committee. This new committee, unlike the Curriculum Committee, would have time to carefully analyze D proposals in a manner similar to the analysis of Q and WI proposals. The first order of Business for a Diversity Committee would be to update the D forms. The current forms are outdated, unclear and vague. It was suggested that the Committee on Committees review this proposal in an expedited manner.

Math: Laurie Burton

In an attempt to assist math education minor students in passing the Middle School Mathematics Praxis Exam, the Math department is proposing requiring MTH 392 or MTH 111, MTH 494 and MTH 495 in the Mathematics Education Minor.

Music: Solveig Holmquist

Students feel as though they would be better prepared for the full sequence of doing a senior capstone project if they have had an experience at the junior level. In order to make that possible, it is being proposed to withdraw an upper level elective and substituting the junior seminar to permit a junior recital.

German Studies: Carol Harding

German Studies is proposing increasing the credit amount for courses German 199, German 399, and German 499 from 1-3 credits to 1-6 credits to facilitate students ability to travel abroad.

VII. Meeting Adjourned


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