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Minutes 10 March 2009

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Faculty Senate Minutes Western Oregon University Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 @ 3:30 Columbia Room, Werner University Center
I. Call to order and roll call 3:30
In Attendance: Scott Beaver, Roy Bennett, Mark Perlman for Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, David Foster, Sandy Hedgepeth, Shaun Huston, Klay Kruczek, Elisa Maroney, John Minahan, David Murphy, Kent Neely, Joe Peng, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite, Peggy Pedersen, Katherine Schmidt, Joe Harchenko, Mark Van Steeter, Kurt Yehnert

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from February 24th, 2009 meeting
Action: Minutes approved with minor corrections.

III. Reports of the presidents
Faculty Senate President Report: Elisa Maroney for Mark Girod
The following curriculum actions were taken in Senate Executive Committee on
3/4/09 - information provided after the 3/10/09 meeting
Added D designation to an existing course:
Anth 435D/535
Change in prerequisites:
Mth 489/589 Mth 494/594 Mth 398
Mth 491/591 Mth 495/595 Mth 395
Mth 493/593 Mth 497/597 Mth 391
New courses:

Anth 452C U.S.-Mexico Border Field School Anth 432D Human Rights Anth 413 Field Experience Anth 395D Medical Anthropology Anth 381D African Film and Society Anth 373 Primate Comparative Evolution PS 459D Government and Politics of South America PS 441D Causes of Peace PS 432D Global Health
Also approved generic 807 and 808 course numbers for use in DEP as per
discussion in senate on 2/24/09
Title changes: Deleted courses:
Ed 672 Anth 365
Ed 452 Anth 340
Fr 410 SpEd 607

Approved catalog changes describing programs for:
Early Intervention/Special Education I & II
Master of Science in Education: Special Education

President John Minahan's report:
Compared to the rest of the OUS system, Western is in very good shape with a 38% increase in admitted students and an 8.6% increase in applications. Comparatively, Eastern and Southern are down significantly. We have a very strong showing from minority students and Latino students. At this point we are down in out-of-state
U.S. students. In addition, we are down 1.5 % in bed reservations for the residence hall but this is in contrast to unusually high numbers last year.
At this point, Senate Bill 442 references to mergers are out. The conversations now in place revolve around other perceived cost-cutting measures, such as converting the entire university system to the semester calendar. We are also being asked to look at combining all enrollment management functions into one office on each campus which we have already essentially done. We will submit a report of those two findings by October, 2010.
There are a number of changes to the bill that make a difference to us: we would keep the interest on all tuition and revenues gained; there is consideration of a standard application form and process for everybody in the system; articulation agreements between community colleges and pubic and private schools; a single electronic imaging and storage for documents using standardized management programs (budget and personnel standardized) for financial aid; and, standardized classroom schedules.
There is talk that Southern will tie in with the university of Oregon so that students can automatically get accepted into U of O after two years at Southern.
We are supposed to be reviewing our mission statements and submit any changes in our mission no later than July 1, 2010.
Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report
ASWOU President, Max Beach's Report: Max Beach thanked those faculty members who allowed ASWOU into classrooms to promote the postcard collection campaign. ASWOU collected 514 postcards to take to the capital. In addition, members of ASWOU have been working to get free wireless Internet access here on campus for students and faculty. Finally, there has been some discussion regarding working with faculty to develop events (such as lobbying) over at the capital of the course of next term.
Provost Kent Neely's Report Provost Neely shared a March 6th Oregon University System News Release entitled: Higher Ed Board Discusses Immediate, Future Budget Cuts and Serious Impacts for Oregon Public Universities. Much of the provosts' council meeting dealt with financial matters. Of interest was the UO and SOU fund balances, voluntary work reduction (voluntary FTE reduction to OUS employees in senior positions that could save the OUS approximately 4.6%); cost saving measures such as system-wide common acceptance system; shared services; a more differentiated tuition system; changes in rules involving low enrollment courses; quarter to semester plans; and a look at different class and course structures.
Provost's Council has placed a moratorium on advancing new program proposals to the OUS board for consideration until the current budget situation is more clearly defined.
Provost's Council has a subgroup working on a policy regarding what classes or courses will be affected by a minimal enrollment expectation (10 students or more). Given that some courses are typically low in numbers due to the nature of the course, the subgroup will be looking at special considerations that need to be given to adhere to the expectations.

III. Additional Reports and Items:
Office of Institutional Research and Sponsored Projects (OIRSP) Presentation
Ella Taylor shared information on a number of OIRSP mandates as well as responding to questions posed by faculty senate over the course of last week. Covered by Ella Taylor were: types of assistance provided by SP; SP functions; regulations governing sponsored projects; and, examples of university resources. More information, including proposal information and forms can be accessed at the Sponsored Projects website ( Given that grants are of varying magnitudes and complexities, and in need of various levels of assistance, those with questions on any grant specific, or how individual grants might best be handled are urged to contact the OIRSP for clarification and assistance.

IV. Old Business

V. New Business
General Education Curriculum Review Committee - proposed outcomes: Shaun Huston Shaun Huston provided a draft of the committee's proposed learning outcomes. The 19¬member committee relegated the determination of outcomes to a smaller group of four members who were able to establish trans-disciplinary outcomes that focused on action (what students would presumably be able to do as a result of going through this curriculum). It was requested that this proposal be taken back to divisions for review. The next step will be to identify specific courses that student learning might be assessed in regards to the proposed learning outcomes.
Political Science: Ed Dover The Political Science Department would like to request three changes: 1) the addition of a concentration area (Public Policy and Administration) due to strong student requests, the evolution of WOU's faculty and their interests, and the growth of health policy and administration as a career option. This change does not require any new faculty or resources; 2) a proposal for three new classes (PS 332 Global Health, PS 441 Causes of Peace, and PS 459 Government and Politics of Latin America); and, 3) the addition of PS 204 Introduction to Comparative Politics.
Humanities: Carol Harding A proposal for a catalogue revision that better structures how students would be advised to fulfill a major in Humanities. The new catalogue language lists two blocks of classes helping to eliminate some of the seeming randomness in the current catalogue descriptions.
International Studies: Robin Smith It is proposed to: 1) change Com 325 Intercultural Communication to PS 204 Comparative Politics; 2) the addition of 9 regional courses and 11 topical courses (all newly additional courses); and, 3) addition of new catalogue language.
Anthropology: Robin Smith Proposed is a new non-thesis track B.A or B.S. in Anthropology (still 64 hour); and, a new thesis track B.A. only. In addition to this, the Anthropology department requests authorization to award the thesis BA in Anthropology with Departmental Honors to students earning 3.25 overall and 3.5 in the major and have this designation recorded on the transcript and diploma.

VII. Meeting Adjourned

Minutes 11-25-08

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Scott Beaver, Roy Bennett, Susan Daniel, Sue Dauer, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, Kathy Farrell, David Foster, Mark Girod, Bob Hautala, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Elisa Maroney, Mark Weiss for John Minahan, David Murphy, Kent Neely, Joe Peng, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from November 11th, 2008 meeting
Action: Minutes approved.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President, Mark Girod's Report

In executive meeting:

1. Executive approved University Computing Services' web-editing support for faculty senate on an ongoing, "as needed," basis. Faculty Senate will pay $500.00 annually for this support. Requests to edit web pages and/or post files will occur within 72 hours. Either the Director of UCS or Faculty Senate Executive Committee can terminate this agreement at any time providing at least one academic quarter notice.

2. Please forward names of division representatives who will sit on Faculty Senate Awards Selection Committee to Bryan Dutton after Dec. 2nd division meetings.

3. Please recruit for Hispanic Committee Advisory Council. These names should be forwarded to David McDonald.

Mark Weiss' Report (for President John Minahan)

During last week's regularly scheduled Budget and Finance Committee meeting,
information was shared regarding the finances of the university. University's finances are strong, but given the current climate, there may be some clouds on the horizon.

The November 19th revenue forecast for this biennium and next biennium was adjusted--$170 million down for this biennium and an additional $750 million for next biennium.

Oregon University System was asked last week to take $10 million out of its state appropriation. A pro-rata amount for Western Oregon University would be roughly $500,000 representing about 5% of our appropriation for the last six months of the year, or about 1.2% of appropriation for the entire biennium. President Minahan was asked by the Chancellor's Office to state what actions we would take as a result of that reduction. We would reduce fund balance and take advantage of selective vacancies by not filling those positions and, where reasonable, cut back on some S&S costs. Raising tuition would be a last resort. We anticipate, however, ending up the year on target with a fund balance of approximately 15%.

Staff Senate, Jennifer Hansen's Report
No report

ASWOU, Max Beach's Report
No report

Provost Kent Neely's Report

Provost Neely reported on wireless Internet access. Regular office Internet access per faculty member is $12.00 a month. Wireless access would be an additions $5.00 a month--$17.00 a month for both, or $204.00 for the academic year to provide faculty members with both office and wireless service.

We will provide wireless Internet access to any faculty member who needs it in order to provide their regular job-related duties. Service can be acquired, beginning the 2nd of February. This will allow sufficient time for the appropriate security devices to be put into the system. Those wishing wireless access will make requests through Division Head and Dean. Deans will fund the access out of their own budgets until the end of the fiscal year, at which time it will be decided whether S&S budgets need to be augmented to accommodate the wireless costs.

IV. Old Business

Academic Excellence Showcase:
The Academic Excellence Committee asked for Senate support that would be demonstrated though the endorsement of a university-wide letter. Executive Committee reviewed the Academic Excellence Showcase letter and endorsed the letter.

Action: Unanimously agreed that Senate would lend full support to the Academic Showcase Letter.

Restructuring of Gen Ed Committee:

Action: Unanimously agreed that Provost Neely would be added to the Gen Ed Committee as an Ex Officio Member.

V. New Business

Graduate School Policy Consideration:

Linda Stonecipher, Director of Graduate Studies, presented two documents regarding Reduced Enrollment Policy. The reduced enrollment policy will allow international students to enroll for a maximum of four terms of thesis, professional project or comprehensive exam work. This allows international students to take fewer than 9 credits in their final term and still comply with immigration regulations of maintaining full time enrollment through their program of study. This allows students to work on graduation requirements without having to register for unnecessary coursework or attempting to complete degrees with unreasonable deadlines.

VI. Additional Reports and Items

General Education Review Committee: Shaun Huston

Shaun Huston reported on the faculty survey that was designed last year and administered earlier this term. There were 109 total responses to the survey. The survey gave the committee a snapshot of faculty views of what students ought to be learning, and how well they are learning those things. The committee will provide survey data summary reports to Senate. Given a concern regarding confidentiality of data, username and password will not be broadcasted nor will the database username and password be provided to people to simply to look at the data in the survey. Huston will talk with Ella Taylor about removing the survey from Survey Monkey and archive the data on another less-accessible medium.

Western Oregon University doesn't have outcomes for general education right now. We have the statement of institutional aspirations for learning and a short set of outcomes for LACC specifically, but not for the Gen Ed Program more broadly. This suggests that a next step for the committee will be to look closely at developing general education outcomes. A subcommittee will be developed and then report back to the full committee with recommendations for outcomes.

International Education and Services Committee report: Doug Smith

Doug Smith reported on the assessment of WOU's progress in supporting international students. Challenges: 1) discrepancy has emerged as to indicators of student preparations and successful integration into academic program; 2) we still have much work to do improving communication across university units. The committee determined areas of focus and a number of recommendations were given. Recommendations included: A greater number of international students could make use of the writing center. The Intensive English Program should exist in a stronger structural relationship with other academic units; advising needs to be improved; students should be assigned a faculty advisor upon arrival to the campus; faculty workshops should be developed to assist faculty in dealing with international students. In the immediate future: the committee intends to survey faculty on their experience teaching and advising international students; the committee will find out what students themselves say about their experience at WOU; the committee will find ways of enhancing measures already in place during international student orientation.

International Education and Services Committee would like Faculty Senate to support the work and recommendations made by the committee.

Before doing so, and prior to sending this report out to the campus community, Senate will review the report once again at the January 13th Faculty Senate Meeting. Faculty Senate and will invite ISSA Director Neng Yang to share the ISSA perspectives on the report.

VII. Meeting Adjourned



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