11 November 2008

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Faculty Senate Minutes
Western Oregon University
Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 @ 3:30
Columbia Room, Werner University Center

I. Call to order and roll call 3:30

In Attendance: Scott Beaver, Roy Bennett, Susan Daniel, Cheryl Davis, Bryan Dutton, Kathy Farrell, Katherine Schmidt, David Foster, Mark Girod, Bob Hautala, Joe Harchanko, Sandra Hedgepeth, Shaun Huston, Elaina Jamieson, Klay Kruczek, Elisa Maroney, John Minahan, Kent Neely, Joe Peng, Mark VanSteeter, Dana Ulveland, Jason Waite

II. Corrections and approval of minutes from October 28th, 2008 meeting
Action: Minutes approved.

III. Reports of the presidents

Faculty Senate President, Mark Girod's Report:

1) Bob Hautala has been serving as faculty senate representative to the Oregon University Senator Advisory Committee and will continue to do so.

2) Called on David McDonald--McDonald reported that a committee is being formed to guide and inform the university's actions to increase and retain the number of Latino and Hispanic students. Faculty Senate is asked to find a faculty representative of this 'yet to be established' Advisory Committee. The representative should have a sensitivity to, and a willingness to work with, students of Hispanic backgrounds. The committee will likely meet two to three times a year.

Senators are asked to report back to division and collect names of those interested in serving on this committee.

3) On July 8th, Senate approved the formation of new committee called the Faculty Senate Awards Selection Committee--a committee responsible for faculty awards selection, such as the Pastega Awards for Scholarship and Teaching. Senators are asked to take this information back to divisions and put forth a call for division representatives to serve on this committee. Please forward names to Bryan Dutton.

4) Senate Committee's web pages and document archives need to be updated and maintained. Given that chairs do not always have the requisite skills to do so, Bill Kernan was contacted to check on the possibility of Computer Services support in updating Faculty Senate Committee's web pages. Kernan thought this would be a possibility. This will be brought back for Senate's consideration next meeting as new business.

President John Minahan's Report:

1) President Minahan reported on the Presidential initiative on sustainability. This is a committee that was formed at the OUS level. Western Oregon University is ranked low in energy consumption. President Minahan expressed concern that there is an impression that there are easy and smart ways of reducing energy costs on the campus. Also of concern was that, throughout the scholarship review and throughout the board meeting review, no questions were raised about fairness or ethical issues involved around the use of energy. These include questions as to how consumption is measured, and the prolonging of disproportionate use of energy by Americans. Provost Neely has been asked to look at the issues of fairness that should be part of the calculus of energy consumption and conservation. Under conditions that included ethical consideration, President Minahan signed the commitment to go ahead with the initiative on sustainability. WOU will continue our green stance.

2) Legislative and Fiscal Office has asked us to begin developing plans for up to 20% budget cuts. Anticipated is a 5% cut in 07-09, 10% in 09-11, and then two subsequent 5% incremental cuts. It is the Chancellor's Office that is responsible to produce such a plan. We have no intention at this time identifying what cuts we will make. However, we will maintain our revenue sources. We will continue our efforts for retention and recruitment of students. Any cuts will be prioritized, with the reduction of under-enrolled sections being a last course of action.

ASWOU President Max Beach's Report

Max Beach reported that ASWOU was able to register over 1000 students to vote in this year's election. Beach is also preparing for the incremental fee committee process, working on a styro foam ban in the Monmouth Independence area, and writing an executive order that promotes sustainability within ASWOU and our student clubs pertaining to using recyclable material as well as locally produced goods. President Beach is also requesting that students pass a resolution in honor of the passing of John Peterson, former ASWOU president 92-93, and will send a condolence letter to Peterson's family.

Provost Kent Neely's Report

1. Provost Neely reported on an executive order by Governor Kulongoski--to develop a Post-secondary Education Model to be used by state policy makers, helping to determine the reasonable costs of providing a quality post-secondary education for Oregonians. The Post-secondary Quality Education Commission has taken leadership in establishing actions to complete this model in the form of the 40-40-20 initiative, an initiative still in its infancy. Discussion at Provost Council was how to see how this might come to fruition. A press release of this initiative can be found at http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/P2007/press_182807.shml

2. Inter Institutional Faculty asked for research about the efficacy of dual credit programs. Data has been collected and the early results are that dual credit programs are effective. They will continue to gather data on a wider range of offerings to see if that holds true.

3. Board member, David Yaden, said that there is an opportunity for a sustainability center to be build in Portland where campuses across the state could showcase sustainability efforts.

4. Provost Neely spoke briefly about the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Initiative that is taking place across the state. More information regarding these efforts can be accessed at: http://www.aacu.org/value/

5. Data is being collected on failed and diminished searches so that board members are better informed as to the state of faculty searches, and also to enhance presentations to the legislature in demonstrating how we are not competitive with our peer institutions in terms of attracting faculty. The current numbers show that 25% of searches failed. This number jumps to 35% when diminished searches (other than first candidate accepted) are included.

IV. Old Business


V. New Business

Academic Excellence Showcase:

Jeff Templeton reported on the Academic Excellence Showcase to be held on Thursday, May 28th, 2009. Templeton noted that last year's event featured 300 talks, posters, and performances by WOU students. In addition, 75 faculty members served as session chairs and/or faculty sponsors. Templeton asked that: a) faculty support and endorse the showcase; b) that faculty not hold classes on that day; and c) that Faculty Senate serve as a conduit to get the showcase information out to faculty and students. Templeton also noted that submissions will be due in approximately late April. The Academic Excellence Showcase website will provide more information. (http://www.wou.edu/showcase/)

The General Education Review Committee:

Speaking for Shaun Huston, Jeff Templeton stated that the Gen Ed Review Committee would like to invite Provost Neely to act as an ex-officio member of the committee. Senate is being asked for approval to invite Provost Neely given that the committee is under the auspices of the Faculty Senate

VI. Additional Reports and Items

Academic Infrastructure Committee: Shirley Lincicum gave a report on the Wireless Internet access project initiated last year, and provided a follow-up proposal for Faculty Senate's consideration. As eight requests from last fall were funded, the request was to get Faculty Senate's approval to request funding from the administration to fund the remaining 9 of the 17 approved requests.

Action: It was approved to support the Academic Infrastructure Committee's request to administration for the additional $1440.00 needed to fund the remaining 9 wireless connections.

VII. Meeting Adjourned


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