Minutes 12 October 1999

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Faculty Senate Meeting 

Tuesday, October 12, 

3:30 p.m.
North Pacific Room 

I. Call to Order 

II. Call of the Roll: 

Merideth Brodsky, Marion Schrock, Michael
Cihak, Tina Fuchs, Leo Rasca-Hidalgo, and Martin Rodriguez
Perez were absent. I explained the nametag process that I would
be using to take roll. Joel introduced new individuals: Senators
Andrey Clarke (Social Sciences) and Donna Perry (Social
Sciences), and the new ASWOU President (Obie Garza). 

III. Corrections to and approval of the minutes from the previous
senate meeting/Agenda Adjustments. Minutes approved. 

IV. Reports of the Presidents 

A. Senate President
Joel welcomed everyone and provided a general introduction to the

B. President of Western Oregon University
Dr. Youngblood spoke on the following issues:
- The library is on schedule with complete funding.
- The Werner Center is scheduled for completion in March, 2000.
- Freshmen enrollment is up 14%; overall is up 3% (approximately).
- A draft of the new Preamble and revised Mission Statement was
issued for consideration. The Preamble is a new requirement from
the State Board; it is meant to address the unique role of Western
in the State System and will be submitted shortly to the
Chancellor's Office. Input is requested. Dr. Youngblood
suggested, too, that it should reflect the aspirations of the
university. This prompted questions about program changes and
development. The specific mention of Fire Administration was also
discussed; Dr. Youngblood emphasized that Western is unique in
providing this training. Revisions in the Mission statement include
a point that addresses diversity and another point that emphasizes
Division II athletics. Input should be directed to either Joel or Dr.

C. Student Body President
Obie Garza introduced himelf and his freshman assistant and then
addressed the following points:
- A new computer lab was established in the Werner Center using
incidental fees (it should be operating in Winter).
- On-line Registration for 3rd and 4th year students should be
available in winter.
- Students are working to extend computer center hours and
improve the fitness center.
- Jim Hoag was commended for assistance with many of the
computer-related issues described.
- Obi also commended the new mission statement and added that
he will be involved with diversity and recruitment services and
programs heavily.
- Student elections will be held shortly to fill remaining positions,
including those that serve university subcommittees.
- Final comments were made about homecoming, the new mascot
uniform, and the upcoming ASWOU retreat. 

V. Reports of the Interinstitutional Faculty Senators
Marion provided Joel with a summary of the recent meeting and
Joel distributed this hand-out and highlighted the following: 

- The new budget model was the major focus of the meeting.
- The issue of faculty salary and perks was discussed further: In
particular, it was noted that some other institutes were strongly
advocating free tuition be given to faculty members' families
(although the legality of this may be in question). Dr. Youngblood
noted that this may be a topic at an upcoming Board Meeting in
terms of our university; Dr. Minahan pointed out that increasing
salaries should be carefully weighed against increasing perks.
- It was also noted that Western should avoid "regional"

STRONG note: Marion's term will end this November and his
position needs to be filled (elected in the Faculty Senate) prior to
the week one December IFS meeting. General requirements:
nontenured faculty will attend weekend meetings at institutes
around the state (expenses paid) approximately five times a year.
The IFS senator plays a KEY role in speaking on behalf of the
University to the leglislature. Please announce this at Division
Meetings to solicit nominees in four weeks. 

VI. Reports of Faculty Senate Subcommittees
Brian reviewed a comprehensive list of all faculty subcommittees
and their members (this list was provided to each senator). Please
note vacancies and solicit faculty nominees via Division Meetings.
Some other key comments:
- A new committee (Jensen Lecture Committee) was formed and is
headed by Dale Canon. It was requested that a Library Faculty
position be added to this committee. This was tabled for
discussion until the next meeting.
- The Honors Committee has an approved additional site for a
Liberal Arts Faculty Member.
- Brian reported that the Curriculum Committee will hold their first
meeting next Tuesday and again on Nov. 16. Please note that if
you are considering proposal submission.
- While there was no Graduate report, it was noted by Dr. Minahan
that a new Director of Graduate Studies should be hired by July,
2000; the advertisement for the position has just been placed.
It was also emphasized that graduate student attendance in this
committee must improve.
- Darryl reported on behalf of the Academic Information Committee:
on-line registration, grade submission, and web-based rosters were
all mentioned as new services for faculty and students at Western.
The the library seeks to update and utilize more electronic sources
for books or journals.
- There was no report from the Honors or International Committee. 

VII. Old Business 

A. Honor Code:
Joel discussed an email sent by Mike Walsh (Judicial Affairs)
regarding his interest in working with faculty to establish an Honor
Code at Western (noting that we lack a true code and, at present,
work under a "Code of Responsibilities" in the Student Handbook).

There was some discussion about Honor Codes at other institutes:
- Please survey the semi-comprehensive site provided by Joel and
Chehalis (see the recent email from Joel).
- Chehalis noted her findings that other Oregon institutes have no
coherent code that operates for the entire university.
- I noted that the Rice University Honor Code homepage (linked
within the aforementioned site) was extremely useful.
- Joel requested that faculty further examine these sources to
resume discussion next time.

Other generally related comments were made:
- Student involvement must be considered in this issue.
- Ultimately, a subcommittee should be formed.
- There remained some question about how carefully the Student
Handbook was discussed during Orientation week.
- Library representatives offered to examine what steps they could
take to alert students about intellectual ownership in terms of
plagiarism given that they provide students with resources.
- General reminders: leaving exams and assignments outside
offices should be avoided (there may be students who do randomly
take these items for distribution/sale?)
- Questions were raised about who was to document cases, given
the time-consuming nature of this task. 

B. Vice President Election
Laura Riolla-Saltzmann was nominated and approved. 

C. Special Message Regarding Expansion
A message from Social Science, via Roshani Shay, was conveyed
by Joel regarding their interest in carefully examining enrollment
and class size as the University seeks expansion. Dr. Youngblood
mentioned that Michael Cihak is heading an Enrollment
Management Advisory Council and thus it may be wise to integrate
both interested groups. It was decided that that would be a topic
for the Executive Committee Meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned.

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