Minutes 13 July 1999

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Faculty Senate Meeting 

Tuesday, July 13, 1999; 

2:00 p.m.
Columbia Room 

(1) Call to Order 

(2) Call of the Roll: 

Present: Joel Alexander, Chehalis Strepp, Carl Stevenson, Linda
Stonecipher, Laura Riolli-Saltzman, Judy Bullington, Carol Harding,
Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Sarah Boomer, Mike Ward, Irja Galvan,
Rebecca March-McCannell, Linda Keller, and John Minahan 

(3) Corrections/Approval of previous minutes, Agenda Adjustments: 

Susan Woods' previous minutes have not been located; notes or tape
recording will be searched for. 

(4) Reports of the Presidents: 

Senate President: Introduction

President of Western Oregon University:
John Minahan addressed the following -

(a) Working under existing budget until legislature convenes 

(b) Summarized courses approved by curriculum committee 

(c) North Coast Expansion:
- Newport/Tilamook/Astoria programs will emphasize 300 level
curriculum, most a duplicate of existing courses
- Assessment of potential students shows that criminal justice,
computer science, business strong components; art in question
- Estimated 6-7 adjunct faculty coast residents targeted for

(d) new one-year catalog out in August; next year's should be
a four-year catalog 

(e) summer enrollment steady; several questions about summer
program management and future course offerings addressed

Student Body President: absent 

(5) Reports of the Interinstitutional Faculty Senators: 

Irja Galvan
- no report 

(6) Reports of the Faculty Senate Sub-Committees: 

no report

- Committee on Committees: Carl Stevenson and Rebecca
Marsh-McCannell volunteered for two new positions 

(7) Consideration of old business: 

- new Secretary: Sarah Boomer
- new Vice President: subject for first fall meeting; contact Joel
if interested in nomination (should have one year minimum senate
experience). Job duties: holding elections, filling in for Senate
President, and attending executive committee meetings 

(8) Plans for Upcoming Year: ("Homework" for Senators)

Honor Code: 

- address need for code vs. improved syllabi
- collect codes from other schools; review current handbook
- address avenues for solving cases (in-house vs. judicial affairs) -
address mentoring junior faculty
- suggestion: include discussions with Student Senate

Writing Intensive Courses:
- Review approval process
- Review requirements
- Review Teaching
- Review follow-up process

Add New Issues: gather from Division/Department

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