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Administrative Support Council

ASC Officers


The following is a list of the 2013-14 Administrative Support Council Officers by represented areas with year of their terms and contact info.


Academic Support Services

Danielle Ambrose 3rd year 503-838-8187
Jerrie Lee Parpart++ 2nd year 503-838-8419
Jesse Poole 1st year 503-838-8083


Administrative Support Services

Brad Huggins* 3rd year 503-838-8180
Lisa Catto 2nd year 503-838-8163
Rip Horsey^ 1st year 503-838-9535


Student Support Services

Earlee Kerekes-Mishra 3rd year 503-838-8591
Dave Sundby+ 2nd year 503-838-8163
Affie Eyo 1st year 503-838-8834

+ = Current ASC President

++ = Current ASC Recorder

* = Replaced a previous ASC Officer in the middle of their term

^ = Covering a different functional area due to lack of interest in the last election


Administrative Support Council 503-838-8476 | or e-mail:

MissionWestern Oregon University | 345 N. Monmouth Ave. | Monmouth OR 97361 | 503-838-8000(V/TTY) | Admissions 1-877-877-1593 | Text only
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