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Administrative Support Council  Bylaws

I. Name and Purpose

A. The persons operating under these bylaws shall be known as the Administrative Support Council of Western Oregon University (ASC). The ASC's charge is to represent and advocate for the concerns of unclassified administrative professionals. "Administrative" means non-teaching unclassified employees.


B. The Administrative Support Council is an advisory group serving at the request and in service of the President of Western Oregon University (WOU).


C. The Administrative Support Council will:



II. Elections and Officers

A. The Administrative Support Council will consist of nine elected representatives.


B. Positions which report directly to the WOU President, including Vice Presidents and Deans of the Colleges, are excluded from the ASC constituency.


C. ASC will represent unclassified administrative professionals in three areas: Administrative Support Services, Academic Support Services, and Student Support Services. Officers will ideally include three individuals from each area, but in extraordinary circumstances, all areas may not be equally represented. Every effort will be made to have equal representation in all areas. ASC reserves the right to act as a body with nine elected representatives regardless of distribution.



D. General elections will occur each spring to fill vacancies projected for the following fiscal year. Other elections will be called as necessary by ASC when a representative position opens. All constituency members vote for members from each area in every election, regardless of the area in which they serve. If Council vacancies occur by any representative(s) during the last year of their term, upon approval by a majority of the members of the Council, the ASC President may appoint members to complete the term of the vacant member(s) in accordance with Article II, Section C, of these bylaws. These appointees would serve until the annual ASC election in spring is held to elect new members. These appointees would not automatically be nominated for a full term in this election process and would have to be nominated in accordance with these bylaws. If a nominee is uncontested, vote will proceed by acclamation at the spring constituency meeting.


E. The length of an Administrative Support Council member's term will be determined at the time of his or her election by the Administrative Support Council according to its needs with a maximum length of three years for each elected term. Regardless of the representative's term length or start date, the standard year of service for an elected representative begins with the election of the ASC President and Recorder at the June meeting.


F. If possible there will be a rolling turnover of representatives so that each area will have a third-year officer, a second-year officer, and a first-year officer.


G. The newly elected Council members will meet with the outgoing and the returning Council officers at the year's final meeting for the purpose of orientation of new officers.


III. Officers

A. An ASC President and Recorder will be elected by a simple majority vote (three new officers and six remaining officers) of the Administrative Support Council at the June ASC meeting.


B. The ASC President will serve for no more than two years per elected term.


C. The ASC President's primary duties will be to: (1) convene ASC meetings, (2) work with the Recorder to develop the agenda, (3) manage ASC meetings, and (4) communicate ASC recommendations to the President of Western Oregon University. This post requires approximately three (3) hours per month.


D. A Recorder will be elected by a simple majority vote (three new officers and six remaining officers) of the Administrative Support Council at the discretion of the ASC President.


E. The Recorder's primary duties will be to: (1) create a written record of all ASC meetings, (2) create and distribute the minutes of ASC meetings, (3 with ASC President, create and distribute ASC meeting agendas, and (4) tally and announce the results of ASC votes. This post requires approximately three (3) hours per month excluding meetings.


F. Other responsibilities of officers may include but are not limited to ASC scholarship announcement, collection, and vetting for the scholarship committee and website maintenance.


IV. Meetings

A. Five officers of the Administrative Support Council will constitute a quorum.


B. The Administrative Support Council will typically hold general meetings one time per month during the academic year and meet not fewer than once per term. It is recommended to hold work sessions prior to fall term classes. More frequent meetings will be scheduled as needed.


C. The Administrative Support Council meetings will be open and accessible to the University community.


D. Two constituency meetings will be held each year as an open forum with the President of the University to discuss the state of Western Oregon University, one in December and one in May or June, based on the availability of the President.


E. Minutes of the Administrative Support Council meetings will be uploaded to the ASC website and available to the public.


F. New business agenda items may be submitted, by any person in the University community, to an ASC officer prior to the meeting.


G. If unable to attend a meeting, any ASC officer may select a proxy person to attend the ASC meeting in that officer's place. Such proxy must come from the same represented area, and the proxy shall enjoy full officer privileges, including voting and quorum counts.


V. Parliamentary Authority

A. The rules contained in the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order will govern the Administrative Support Council in the following cases: (1) making motions and voting on recommendations to the WOU President, (2) disagreements over procedure, (3) when requested by an ASC Officer.


B. Recommendations to the WOU President will be passed by a simple majority of the quorum. The precise numerical vote will be provided with each recommendation.


C. Votes for election of officers shall be by secret ballot. All other votes shall be done in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.


D. At the request of any Administrative Support Council officer, the ASC President will call the Administrative Support Council to private deliberations as prescribed under the Open Meeting laws of Oregon. Private deliberations include only elected officers of the Administrative Support Council.


VI. Committees

There will be two standing advisory committees: the Professional Development and Training Committee and the Scholarship Committee. Committee members are appointed by the ASC President from any person represented by ASC.


Participation in other committees may be required at the request of the President of Western Oregon University or as deemed necessary by ASC.


VII. Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws will be amended any time during a regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the quorum, subject to approval of the WOU President.


Rev. 1/2015


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