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Go Wolves!!!


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The money generated from the auction will greatly aid our student athletes by raising money for scholarships and provide support for their efforts both on and off the field.

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Anyone who has been involved in athletics knows that the experience lasts a lifetime.  The thrill of competing at a high level, giving it your best, and the discipline required for long hours of conditioning and practice become a lasting part of who you are.


The Wolfpack Athletic Club acts as the fund-raising arm for the WOU Athletic Department.  All donations received provide WOU coaching staff funding for recruiting and supporting today’s student athletes.


The only NCAA Division II school in Oregon

Athletics can provide a window to the quality, and commitment, of the university as a whole.  Recruiting the best talent requires that we provide the support necessary to make Western Oregon University attractive and affordable, so that talented student athletes will choose to study and compete here.  It is also important that we support those student athletes who have matured and improved and are now deserving of financial support


The cost of university athletics in the 21st century

Enjoying the benefits of athletics at the collegiate level is more difficult today than in the past.  The athletes of yesteryear practiced long hours and handled a full class load.  It wasn’t always easy but it was affordable at state colleges and universities, even without a scholarship.  But today’s athletes can’t earn enough during the year to pay for the higher costs of education and still put in the time necessary for athletic success. 


While the cost of tuition and expenses, such as housing, has increased dramatically in the last decade, student’s earning power has not kept pace.  The WOU Financial Aid office estimates that it costs students $13,000 per year for tuition, books, room and board, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.  Tuition alone costs $1,500 per term. 


What this means to our athletes is that they are frequently forced to choose between work, school, athletic competition, and maintaining the basics of living.  Consequently, many athletes must incur large amounts of debt during their college years or choose part-time employment over athletics.


Help provide a championship experience:

Designation of gifts:

You may designate your gift to a specific team. On the online giving page, underneath the athletics tab indicate the sport you wish to have your gift designated to.


To support student athletes:

Call 503-838-8449 or:

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Thank you for your support!  Go Wolves!!!



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