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Project Overview


To address the most pressing needs for our students, several critical issues will be addressed when the Science Center project is completed. Current classroom and laboratory infrastructure supports over 450 pre-professional and science majors and provides services to over 3,500 students enrolled annually in introductory courses which serve as the fundamental gateways to liberal arts degrees, careers in science, and science education.


To meet these urgent needs, construction of a new stand-alone science center is to be located at parking lot F, adjacent to the practice field, northwest of the Health and Wellness Center. It will be comprised of approximately 21,000 square feet and will be completed once adequate funding has been received. Such a facility represents the most cost effective approach that falls within the approved budget, and allows uninterrupted lab operations during construction with minimal disturbance to the programming mission.


With effective building design, a minimum of six (6) new 1,200 square foot laboratories will be included in construction, in addition to ancillary preparation, storage and office spaces. Building composition will be a steel structural system, concrete floor slab, and metal framed walls with brick veneer similar in style to other campus buildings. Maximizing educational quality and safety, the facility will be equipped with high-efficiency HVAC, state-of-the-art equipment, environmental controls, safety features, refrigeration and instructional technology systems.


The Science Center will be scaled to best serve the transfer of the entire Chemistry Department and the anatomy-physiology components of the biology program. Moving lab-intensive programs into the new facility will maximize infrastructure gains with respect to upgrades in modern laboratory technology and safety controls. The remainder of the biology program and the Earth and physical sciences will expand into the resulting vacated space left behind in the existing Natural Science Building.


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