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Student teaching


Did you know????

Financial resources have the greatest impact on whether or not a student stays in school.

85% of current WOU students report having sacrificed study or class time in order to work.

38% of WOU students reported working, on average, more than 15 hours a week. WOU students working less than 10 hours a week have the highest grade point average.

The average monthly payment for loan debt of a current WOU graduate is $223 on a 10-year loan at a 6.8% rate of interest.


Scholarships are the things that dreams are made of for a Western Oregon University student.

When you think about it, it's a wonder anyone decides to go to college. It's expensive, difficult and tiring. It requires discipline and hours of hard work with no immediate monetary reward. And when graduation finally arrives, it can take years to pay back student loans before the investment equals the reward.

Even so, there are thousands of students every day on the Western Oregon University campus who have signed on for this challenge. Clearly, they believe in the promise that a college degree is the road to opportunity. So they work, go to class, study and repeat this over and over until their dream becomes reality.

Over half of today's WOU students work in the summer and during the school year to help pay for tuition and expenses. And still, 60% of WOU graduates have loan debt; the average amount is nearly $20,000, more than twice the $9,000 national average for credit card debt.

Private scholarships help to reduce this loan burden. And they do much more. They make it possible for students to spend fewers hours working and more hours studying.

They say, I believe in the promise too, and I support what you're doing.

Your contributions in support of scholarships absolutely make a difference. They are the things of dreams for our students.






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