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Conducting Fund-Raising Raffles


All raffles conducted by campus groups must be approved by the Executive Director of the WOU Foundation. Groups wishing to conduct a raffle must seek permission from the WOU Foundation to begin planning such an event. Please contact Cara Groshong.


Raffles in Oregon are considered a form of gambling and are regulated by the Oregon Department of Justice. These regulations govern who can sponsor a raffle, the size of the prize, conduct of the raffle, Department of Justice reports, size of "handle", etc. OUS agreements with the WOU Foundation deal with the deposits, use, and cash flow of public and private monies. This policy assures proper reporting, control and inter- organizational communications to accomplish related fund raising within state, local, and OUS rules.


The WOU Foundation has a valid Class A license to conduct raffles in Oregon. The Foundation is under no obligation to conduct raffles, and does so at its "own discretion." The WOU Foundation is required to report annually to the Oregon Department of Justice all raffle activity for the campus.



Records required for conducting a raffle include: 

(It is essential that you return this information to the foundation for annual reporting purposes!)


A Dept. of Justice form, provided by the WOU Foundation, must be completed for each winner of a prize with a retail value of $100 or more, which shall include:


Conduct of Raffles in General


Raffle Prize Donations

You may accept donations of prizes to be awarded at your raffle drawing. If you would like your donor to receive a gift acknowledgement, the WOU Foundation must receive the following information regarding the donor:


You will be required to obtain a receipt from the seller/distributor for all noncash prizes awarded with a retail value of more than $500. This receipt must be returned to the WOU Foundation for record keeping.

Please Note: The DONOR is required to provide the value of the donation if they want a gift acknowledgement. No one else is allowed to assign a value to the donated item.


Depositing Raffle Handle


Deposits of raffle handle must be processed through the WOU Foundation. Please bring all money to be deposited to the foundation office as soon as possible. Do not retain any cash or checks longer than one week.


When you bring in the raffle sales money to the foundation to be deposited, make sure that this amount is kept separate from any donation money or sales money and clearly indicated.  It must all be recorded separately within your foundation fund.



ORS 167.117 Definitions for ORS 167.117 to 167.164, 464.270 to 464.420 and 464.450 to 464.530. Oregon Administrative Rule 137-025-0020 to 137-025-0310, and related statutes, administrative rules, internal management directives, etc.



The Executive Director of the WOU Foundation has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that raffles on the Western Oregon University campus are conducted in compliance with Oregon State rules, statutes and directives under the license of the WOU Foundation.


For additional information, please contact Cara Groshong at the WOU Foundation; 503-838-8148 or e-mail


WOU Foundation 503-838-8281 | or e-mail: