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Vehicle Permits and Parking Areas
Vice President for Finance and Administration The Business Office
Faculty, Staff and Students


(1) All vehicles parked on the Western campus are required to display a recognized parking permit. Permits are not required at parking meters. Valid parking permits are required 24 hours per day, 6:00 a.m. Monday through 6:00 p.m. Friday. Permits are not required on Saturdays, Sundays and State recognized holidays except when classes are in session. Full year permits are valid from October 1 through September 30.

(2) All permits may be purchased at the Cashiers Office in the Administration Building.

(3) All permit fees are established in accordance with the Administrative Rule of the State Board of Higher Education, 580-040-0025. The cost of the permits is established to provide adequate funds to cover all operating and maintenance costs and meet bond debt service and reserve requirements. Parking Services is an auxiliary self-supporting entity and receives no financial support except through established parking fees. Permit fees may increase yearly based on the actual costs of operation, maintenance and debt service.

(4) Faculty and staff may pay for their primary and secondary permits by payroll deduction if arrangements are made between September 1 and October 1.

(5) Western recognizes a variety of parking permits, including but not limited to:

(a) "Day Permits" may be purchased for as many days as needed;

(b) "Weekly Permits" are valid for five (5) working days (Monday through Friday);

(c) "Monthly Permits" are valid through the same day of the following month;

(d) "Term Permits" are valid through the last day of the term for which purchased;

(e) "Full Year Faculty/Staff permits" are valid in all parking lots except East section of Lot J, J loop, and Lot N;

(f) "Full Year Student Commuter permits" are valid in all parking lots except East section of Lot J, J loop, and Lot N;

(g) "Full Year Student Resident permits” are valid only in lots G, J, J loop, and P. Family housing residents (Knox St. and Alderview) are required to display a “special permit” indicating a reserved space that corresponds to a housing unit.

(h) "Motorcycle/Moped decals" are valid in marked motorcycle stalls only. If a motorcycle owner wishes to park in a regular stall they may obtain a staff, commuter or residence hall permit decal at the automobile rate;

(i) A “Hangtag” may be purchased for an additional fee and is registered to the individual to whom it is issued. Hangtags are not to be used or transferred to any other person for parking on campus unless such use or transfer is to members of a carpool with which that person is affiliated and the use or transfer facilitated the carpool activities. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure the hangtag is properly displayed on the rear view mirror when parking on Western’s campus.

(j) "Contractor permit" may be issued to contractors and/or businesses involved with construction, equipment repair, etc., on campus;

(k) "Emeritus/Volunteer Decals" are issued to emeritus faculty/staff and/or volunteers working on campus when approved and on file in Parking Services located within the Cashiers Office. The permit is a staff/faculty permit that is valid October 1 through September 30 annually. Volunteer permits are valid only when doing volunteer work for the University. Staff, faculty and students are not allowed to use volunteer permits to park on campus;

(l) "Conference, Workshop and Special Event" permits and parking rentals are available upon request from departments or sponsors for distribution to conference, workshop and special event guests. Such events include: workshops, theater events, sporting events, conferences, etc., where adjacent parking lot enforcement is temporarily terminated or permits issued to support the event. (The lot is rented for a predetermined rate.) Permit rates are calculated according to the number of participants and duration of the conference/event, dates, times and the type of user;

(m) "Temporary Disabled" permits for persons with mobility type injuries/illnesses will be issued for up to a week of time without a doctor's note. A doctor's note will be required for extended periods of time over one week. A valid permit is required on their vehicle. "Temporary Disabled" permit holders may use disabled parking stalls and parking meters without paying them on Western property;

(n) "Secondary" decals may be purchased for an additional vehicle if a primary decal has been purchased by the same registered owner. Permits that are issued with the hangtag option are not eligible for secondary permits. Only one vehicle at a time is valid on Western lots. Loaner vehicle permits may not be used in place of secondary permits. All vehicles must be registered through DMV to the permit holder or their parents;

(o) "Loaner Vehicle" permits may be obtained if a vehicle other than the primary decal vehicle is on campus. They are valid up to 15 days per year and may be obtained at the Cashiers Office. If 15 days are used on a loaner vehicle the decal permit holder may purchase a secondary decal. Loaner vehicle permits are only available after a primary decal permit has been purchased. Permits that are issued with the hangtag option are not eligible for loaner vehicle permits. If additional days past the original 15 are used, the day permit charge will be placed on the requester's accounts receivable for each additional day that is requested;

(p) "Department Permits" may be purchased by departments in blocks of 20 permits, to be given away or sold at cost, and are valid for one day only;

(q) "OUS Permit" — Persons issued permits from the Oregon University System Board's Office may park in all parking lots except meters and reserved parking stalls;

(6) Western reserves the right to develop or change permits to meet parking needs.

(7) "Government Vehicles" — Vehicles belonging to cities, municipalities, counties, states or federal government are not required to purchase a permit and may park in any recognized parking space, excluding reserved, meter, service vehicle or a parking stall for persons with disabilities.

(8) The Oregon Military Academy (OMA) parking lot designated as "Lot O" may be used by Western as campus parking under the same rules and regulations governing campus, with the following additions: No Western permitted vehicle may park in Lot O from 5:00 p.m. Friday through 8:00 a.m. Monday; no overnight parking. Citations issued to OMA guests will be handled administratively by the Oregon Military Academy.

(9) "Permit Refunds" are issued on a prorated basis for full year permits only (secondary, replacement and paper permits are not refundable) and under the following conditions:

(a) If unused, unopened (in the original packaging) and returned within 10 days of the beginning of the term;

(b) Prorated for whole terms to include fall and winter terms;

(c) If returned prior to the first 10 days of spring term;

(d) All current permits must be returned in order to receive a refund;

(e) No refund if permit purchased through payroll deduction, pre-tax.

(10) "Parking Meters" are located in all major parking lots. Holders of valid permits may park at meters if the meter has valid time.

(11) The following are instructions for properly displaying a permit:

(a) "Decal Permits" are to be located on the left rear bumper or outside on the left rear window where visible, using the adhesive on the back of the decal;

(b) "Paper Permits" are to be located on the driver's side dash and fully visible to the outside of front windshield;

(c) "Hangtags" are to be displayed on the rear view mirror and visible to the outside of front windshield.

LAST UPDATED: 08/11/2016


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