Philosophy & religion

Department Head

Dr. Susan Daniel

phone: 503-838-8378 | fax: 503-838-8056

email:  | location: HSS 318


Sample Four-Year Graduation Plan

Mission Statement

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department seeks to nurture the development of reason--a thoughtful, informed, and critically reflective intellectual conscience ready to identify and reassess basic assumptions--within the College community generally but especially within our students. The essence of philosophy is to question, inquire into, and think critically about fundamental principles, whatever the field, but above all the principles of philosophy itself. Consequently, for philosophy to be true to itself, no such assumption as may be found in a mission statement can ever be wholly settled and taken for granted.



  • Provide ongoing community discussion
  • Foster extracurricular and public discussion of matters of widespread intellectual concern
  • Hear from interesting, thoughtful speakers
  • Be a part of our major public symposium each year

The Philosophy Club Meets Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:20 in HSS.

The faculty advisor is Dr. Susan Daniel (