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ENT 320 Entrepreneurial Finance (1)
Introduction to tools entrepreneurs use to manage scarce resources in a new venture. Covers bootstrapping techniques and funding strategies of both debt and equity. Students will learn applied approaches to current asset and liability management, risk management, and managing cash flow. Prerequisites: BA 211 or equivalent, and BA 315


ENT 330 Planning and Creating New Ventures (3)
How to start a business, with emphasis on the assessment of business opportunities and the concepts, skills, information and attitudes required to successfully create a new venture. Students will prepare a business plan. Prerequisites: BA 211 (or ENT 320), and BA 310


ENT 350 Small Business Management (3)
Understanding the process of managing one’s own business. Includes organizational controls, strategic planning, ethics, the business owner’s role in society, and human resource management.


ENT 360 Small Business Marketing (3)
Focuses on key marketing concepts and methods used by small and growing businesses. Topics may include targeted marketing, distribution alternatives, assessment of market potential, personal selling, networking and referrals, alternatives to high-cost advertising, and low-budget or no-budget market research. Prerequisite: BA 310


ENT 380 Entrepreneurs Today (1)
Students will explore the entrepreneurial process for the viewpoint of successful entrepreneurs. Students will have opportunity to evaluate their own interest and readiness for starting a business.


ENT 381 Creativity and Entrepreneurs (1)
Interactive workshop designed to introduce students to the creative process, how ideas are generated, what blocks creative thinking and how to establish an environment that fosters creativity.


ENT 382 Innovation and Strategy (1)
Interactive workshop exploring how to take a new idea to fruition, the barriers faced in the implementation stage and how to overcome them.


ENT 383 Entrepreneurs and Society (1)
Interactive workshop exploring how entrepreneurs face ethical issues and the role of personal values in the development and operation of a small business.


ENT 384 Going Into Business In Oregon (1)
Interactive seminar which explores the legal and administrative requirements for establishing a business in Oregon. Topics covered will include filing and fees, employee rights and Oregon law, regulations of local jurisdictions, reporting requirements and other state regulations.


ENT 460 Entrepreneurship in Action (3)
Students will gain practical experience of entrepreneurship by working on a consulting project for a business, performing an internship, writing a business plan for their own business idea, or through other projects approved by the instructor. Prerequisite: ENT 320 or consent of instructor



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