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Creative Arts

CA 101H, 102H, 103H A Correlated Study of the Arts (3 each)
This writing-intensive sequence addresses the conceptual language used in the visual arts, music and theatre. Significant emphasis is placed on historical developments in European-American arts. Each term will include some examination of representative examples of the arts from non-Western cultures.


CA 199 Special Studies
Terms and hours to be arranged.


CA 399 Special Studies (1-3)


CA 401/501 Teaching Creatively and Collaboratively in the Arts (9)
Integrates art, music, theatre and dance with other subject areas to demonstrate creative and collaborative teaching strategies for classroom teachers. Prerequisite: minimum of 9 hrs in one creative art area (music, art, theatre or dance) or consent of instructor


CA 406 Special Individual Studies (1-3)


CA 407 Seminar (1-3)


CA 408 Workshop (1-3)


CA 409 Practicum (1-3)


CA 496 Creativity (3)
Investigates why creativity is important to us personally and globally. How creativity works and how culture evolves as domains are transformed by creative individuals will be examined. Included will be experimentation with different ways to develop and enhance our own creativity, with a focus on how creativity can benefit our artistic expression as well as every other area of our lives.




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