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Computer Science Education

CSE 406 Special Individual Studies (3)
Terms and hours to be arranged.


CSE 407/507 Seminar (1-6), variable
Terms and hours to be arranged.


CSE 408/508 Workshop (1-9)
Terms and hours to be arranged.


CSE 409 Practicum (3-9)
Field placement in a setting where computer education applications may be encountered under guidance and supervision.


CSE 415/515 Designing Information (3)
A look at how ideas are organized in a variety of media. Explores how information is encoded in text, graphics, audio and motion media. Effectively choosing and designing appropriate media for the communication of ideas.


CSE 430/530 Desktop Publishing and Presentations (3)
Application of the computer to create, organize and display text and graphics in print and non-print media. Training on a graphics program, page layout program and a slide transparency generating program.


CSE 436/536 LOGO as a Learning Tool (3)
An exploration of the LOGO philosophy and how it relates to developmental learning theories with application in varying curricular areas. Extensive opportunity for hands-on experience.


CSE 440/540 Multimedia Authoring (3)
Application of the principles of instructional design to the creation of computer based lessons using Hypermedia. Courseware developed will stress developmental techniques and validation.


CSE 450/550 Electronic Portfolio Creation (3)
Deals with the aesthetic/technical aspects of selection, evaluation and employment of various “authoring” tools for designing electronic portfolios. Prerequisite: CSE 440/540


CSE 454/554 Authoring Systems (3)
The selection, evaluation and use of authoring systems to develop an instructional unit.


CSE 603 Thesis or Professional Project (3-9)
This is the culminating project for the MSEd Information Technology degree. Students will complete a professional project of their choosing, approved by their adviser, which applies their gained knowledge of information technologies and education. Examples of professional projects might include educational Web sites, curriculum materials, online tutorials, educational CDs or videos, technology-rich instructional unit designs, technology integrated classroom designs. Thesis topics might involve the evaluation of such educational materials.


CSE 606 Special Individualized Study (1-3)
Designed for individual or special studies in a limited area of interest, under the guidance of a designated faculty member.


CSE 610 Computers in Education (3)
Course follows two distinct strands of activity: a theoretical/philosophical analysis of the underpinnings of technology use; and hands-on skill development in the use of hardware and software.


CSE 620 Computer as a Management Tool (3)
Theoretical and practical aspects of computer aided tool-use. Explores ways in which perceptions of education may be altered when implementing computer-based technologies. Cultural implications will also be explored. Students will explore a range of computer management applications from simple record keeping to more sophisticated planning and forecasting techniques, utilizing a variety of computer-based management programs.


CSE 624 Internet for Educators (3)
Course will relate to a number of topics/issues germane to the use of Internet technologies in schools/classrooms/media centers. Students will become knowledgeable about the practical, theoretical and philosophical implications of using the Internet in education.


CSE 625 Creating an Internet Web Site (3)
Technical and theoretical aspects of designing and creating a Web site. Concentrates on development software and protocols associated with site design. Examines educational and cultural issues related to the use of the Internet and issues related to development of Web sites in educational settings. Students will create their own Internet Web site.


CSE 655 Internship in Information Technology (3)
Allows students the opportunity to observe and participate with professionals working with technology in an educational setting. Activities might include designing and developing educational materials, providing technical support to educators, developing technical support materials, or providing technical support to students. Activities will occur under the supervision of, or in collaboration with, a working professional.


CSE 660 Computer Interactive Video Systems (3)
Principles and practices of interfacing and utilizing audio and video systems with microcomputers in instructional environments. Prerequisites: ED 626


CSE 680 Integrating Computers Into the Curriculum (3)
Integration of computers into an instructional program. A curriculum guide including goal statements, scope and sequence of objectives, identification of resources and program evaluation is developed. Activities will include identifying, planning, evaluating and implementing a curriculum to both teach with and about computers. Prerequisite: consent of instructor



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