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Legal Studies

Professor: Mark Henkels



Prepares students for success in law school and in fields related to the law. The program serves the university by integrating law-related curriculum and promoting awareness of legal processes and issues.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Attain critical thinking, reading, writing skills, and proficiency in public presentation of ideas
  2. Develop a critical understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the nature and practice of law, as well as the diverse law-related fields and their service to society.
  3. Engage in advocacy activities promoting understanding of the legal system and issues.

Legal Studies minor (27-29 credits)

BA 230 Intro to Business Law (3)

PS 201 American Government (3)

PS 202 State and Local Government (3)

PS 479 Constitutional Law (3)

PS 480 Administrative Law (3)

PS 484 American Jurisprudence (3)

PS 485 Legal Reasoning and Writing (3)

Choose two: (6-8)

ANTH 475  Anthropological Approaches to Law (4)

BA 211 Financial Accounting (4)

CJ 213 Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)

CJ 452 Criminal Procedure (4)

HST 304 English History (4)

HST 305 English History (4)

HST 485 British Constitutional History (4)

PHL 103 Introduction to Logic (3)

PHL 253 Social and Political Philosophy (3)

PHL 380 Philosophy of Law (3)

PS 409 Administrative Internship (3-12)

PS 410 Legislative/Political Internship (3-12)

PS 481 International Law (3)

SP 321 Influencing through Argument (3)

SP 326 Communication and Controversy: Freedom of Speech in the US (3)

SP 327 Communication in the Legal Field (3)




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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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