The Jazz Studies area at WOU gives students the opportunity to learn and develop while studying all forms of jazz and American popular music. The program is all inclusive and offers something for students at all experience levels. Student ensembles at Western perform regular concerts on campus and throughout the Pacific Northwest. WOU groups regularly perform alongside world renowned guest artists such as Cuong Vu, Adam Larson, and Allan Toussaint.  

Bachelor of Music with a Concentration in Jazz and Popular Music

Students interested in BM in Music with a Concentration in Jazz & Popular Music must pass an entrance audition. Please see the audition guidelines for more information.

Audition Guidelines
Degree Requirements
4-Year Degree Plan

Students may complete the BM: Jazz/Pop concentration as instrumentalists, singers, composers, or audio production specialists.
Faculty Advisor: 

Dr. Dirk Freymuth | freymutd@wou.edu503-838-8874

For Audition Requirements and Program Information Contact:

Dr. Keith Karns | 838-8275