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On-Track Program

On-Track Program

Program Mission:

To provide first generation, low income and culturally underrepresented college students with a support program that will assist in ensuring academic and personal success at Western Oregon University.

Program Description:

The On-Track program is designed to assist and support students with the goals of promoting academic success, fostering personal and professional growth as well as providing opportunities for social development.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants should  be interested in receiving support and qualify under at least 2 of the criteria listed below:

> First generation (neither parent graduated from a four year college)

> Low income (as defined by the office of Financial Aid)

> Culturally underrepresented

Interested applicants not meeting our eligibility criteria are welcome to apply and will be considered as space becomes available.



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Academic and Student Support

On-Track will monitor your academic progress each term to ensure that you maintain good academic standing and are successfully working towards completing your major program requirements and your bachelor’s degree. On-Track will also work with other student services offices on campus to provide you with information sessions designed for your personal and professional development.

What can On-Track do for you?

> Individual Academic Advising

> Cultural support

> Peer mentoring

> Academic/leadership development

> The latest information on scholarships, jobs, volunteer opportunities and more!


Multicultural Student Services

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