previous winners

There have been some pretty creative ideas in the past. Use them as inspiration for your own great idea. To see projects from previous finalists, visi tour digital archive here.

2014-Maria Vargas and Sylvia Garcia



Undergraduate students Maria Vargas and Sylvia Garcia created a network named L.E.A.D., whose purpose was to encourage and support more woman leadership in the Western Oregon University campus and community, as well as in the various career fields that the participants are pursuing. The project included a conference, bi-weekly meetings, mentoring, and job shadows.

2013-Kyla Krehoff



Kyla Krehoff created a ‘super hero’ community to help students achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.Watch her video about the project here.

2012-Hillevi Johnson and Nawwal Moustafa



Hillevi Johnson and Nawwal Moustafa explored the need for more space on campus for the LGBTQ community and in doing so also sought to increase support to LGBTQ students.

2011-Michelle Bright



Michele Bright, focused on addressing issues of communication among her peers and other members of the campus community.



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