Campus Master Plan


SRG is a full-service architectural firm with offices in Portland and Seattle. Founded in 1972, SRG has provided architectural planning and design services for a diverse range of projects. They will look at WOU’s current infrastructure, buildings and future needs. SRG will create a successful master plan by addressing the following three considerations:

  1. Recognizing the power of open spaces and identifying the WOU physical core.
  2. Understanding campus movement and interaction.
  3. Integrating individual buildings


Developing a Master Plan that will support the WOU Strategic Plan will be done in three phases.

  1. The Discovery Phase: This includes an initial review of background documents, site tours and meetings with WOU Community. A WOU Steering committee will make recommendations on revisions and future changes or campus additions.
  2. The Exploration Phase: SRG will prepare plan alternatives and test the alternatives with the WOU Steering Committee.
  3. The Decision Phase: SRG and the Steering Committee identify the preferred alternatives and complete the master plan study.

Contact Info

For information about the Master Plan please contact:

Michael Smith, Facilities Services Director


PP 117