We encourage students, faculty, and staff to take full advantage of the resources of the Hamersly Library, including the group study and meeting rooms. Below is a general Room Use Policy and modified policies for rooms 106, 107, 108 as well as for conference room 301A

General Policies

Priorities for reservations

  1. Instructional uses of library facilities have the highest priority; however, classes may not meet beyond four sessions per class per term. Please see the Exceptions section for more details.
  2. Meetings for Library and Media Services or for other campus units, organizations, or clubs
  3. Study groups
  4. Outside groups affiliated with Western Oregon University
  5. Community members and organizations

Students, faculty, and staff may make reservations for one-time only and short-term needs. Groups have a higher priority for group study rooms than individuals, except when individuals need access to the media equipment in the group study rooms.

Reservation requests must be made at least ONE day in advance.

  • Individuals and groups may reserve rooms up to a total of 4 hours per day. Exceptions may be made for special events.

Reservations may only be made for the current term and may not exceed one term in length. (exceptions may be made for campus units and special meetings).

  • Patrons can make reservations through the online calendar or by contacting the Information Desk at 503-838-8418. We print and post room reservations every morning, and outside of any reserved time, these rooms are free for walk-in use.
  • During the last two weeks of each academic term (“Dead week” and Finals week), no outside groups or external agencies (non-WOU groups) will be allowed access to the conference or study rooms.

Repeated and Long-term Usage

  • Groups requesting repeated and longer-term usage (for example, a study group that meets twice a week all term) may be asked occasionally to make their space available for other functions.

Cancellations & Loss of Reservation

  • Please contact the Information Desk at 503-838-8418 or libweb@wou.edu to cancel your reservation if you will not be using the room. Reserved rooms that have not been claimed within 30 minutes of the beginning of the reservation will be released for others to use.
  • Usage of all rooms is monitored by Library staff. If repeated or long-term reservations are going unused, the library will issue warning to or revoke that group’s reservation for the remainder of the term.

Food and drink

Room Set Up

  • Room set up and re-set is the responsibility of the group using the room.  Extra tables and chairs are available upon request for alternate configurations for rooms 107, 116, 205 and 301A.


HL 106, 107, 108, and the Mobile Laptop Cart

In order to allow library instruction to be scheduled in the library classrooms, reservations for peak-hour use* of HL 106, 107, 108, and the Mobile Laptop Cart will not be accepted until the second week of the term. Please contact your librarian if you would like to set up a time for her/him to provide instruction for your classes.

*Peak Hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during weeks 1-7 of Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

  • We accept reservations for non-peak-hour use at any time.
  • We do retain a waiting list for the rooms.  Once the reservation moratorium is lifted each term, we enter the room requests into the system in the order they were received. Please send your request to libweb@wou.edu.
  • Please consider whether conference rooms 116 ,210, 205 or 301A (floor plans) suit your needs

Priorities for HL 106 & 108 computer labs:

  1. Other faculty use (up to four sessions per class per term)
  2. Open computer lab

Priorities for use of HL 107 classroom:

  1. Other faculty use (up to four sessions per class per term),
  2. Meetings, conferences and special presentations.
  3. Campus units, organizations, and club activities can be regularly scheduled after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

Straub Conference Room (301A)

This room is one of the nicer meeting spaces in Hamersly Library and on campus. In order to keep the space in excellent condition the room has more restricted use than other rooms in the library.

The priorities for use are:

  1. WOU administrative meetings
  2. Receptions
  3. Readings
  4. Workshops
  5. Faculty interviews
  6. Faculty meetings if other appropriate rooms are not available
  7. Overflow work area for Archives materials processing

Other requests for use of this room will be reviewed by the Public Services Librarian on a case-by-case basis.

This room is not available for student group study. There are18 other study rooms of varying sizes available in the library.

Food and drink catered through WOU Food Services may be served in this room. A laminated table can be provided for this purpose.

Contact the Information Desk (503-838-8418) to request use of this room and with any questions concerning these policies.