Library access for currently unaffiliated individuals

Independent Scholars are those who desire library privileges beyond the access provided through the free Community Borrowers program and who pay the $50 Continuing Access Fee.  The library may provide Independent Scholar status to alumni or former students, non-admit students, or other interested parties. (Admitted and continuing students not enrolled for any given term may pay the same fee to retain their student status during the term.)

The $50 Continuing Access Fee provides standard student access to library facilities and collections, most notably

  1. borrowing from the local collection and through Summit
  2. access to library ebooks
  3. as well as off-campus access to the subscription databases.

The above services are fixed licensing expenses for the library, and so the fee provides for authorized WOU access to them.

Additional charges are variable:

A. Per- transaction costs incurred by the library on behalf of the Independent Scholar.  These costs include but are not limited to

  • Borrowing fees and shipping costs for Interlibrary loan (beyond the scope of the Summit borrowing service)
  • Pay-per-view articles.

When borrowing fees and pay-per-view costs apply, we will solicit approval prior to incurring the charge.  We will not solicit approval for any shipping charges before incurring the charge, but those charges will be passed on to the Independent Scholars as they accrue.

B. Overdue fines and replacement costs.

C. Computer printing.

Contact Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon (503-838-9493) for more information about the Independent Scholar status and to begin the application process.

For subsequent terms, after your Independent Scholar status is initially established, contact either Lori Pagel in the library (503-838-8881) or the Business Office (503-838-8201) to charge the Continuing Access Fee (detail code A077) to your account. Pay either online through the WolfWeb system or in person at the Business Office.  Please note that activating or reactivating your account is a manual process–there is no automatic connection between the payment and the activation process, or even a notification to us that you are doing this. You must present confirmation to us that this charge has been added to your account: either a) present to the Checkout Desk a receipt from your WolfWeb account showing the charge, or b) ask to confirm your payment. Then, during standard business hours, we can make the changes necessary for you to have access.