CONSTRUCTION DATES: The Oregon Military Academy was built in 1992 on 10 acres on the northeast corner of campus.

REMODEL: There have been no major renovations of the academy.

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The Oregon Military Academy was not built by Western Oregon University and contractor information is not available.

COSTS: The flagship building of the Oregon Military Academy cost about $4 million.

ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: The two-story bred brick building with multiple gables was designed by the WE Group of Portland to blend with the classical architecture of Campbell Hall and other campus buildings.

CURRENT USES: The Oregon Military Academy is used as classroom space by Western Oregon University during the week. On weekends, the space serves as classroom training for the Oregon National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and other military organizations in Oregon. The 65,000 square foot facility can accommodate 8,850 students per month, with sleeping and living quarters for about 240 people.

HISTORY: The building was constructed for use as a military training center after the Clackamas site needed to be relocated due to the Sunset Corridor road project.

OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: The Oregon Military Academy was the first armed services training center on the campus of a four-year, degree-granting university in the country. The academy is named after Gen. George A. White, Oregon’s adjutant general from 1915 through 1941.