May 13 – June 16

People all over our two communities and WOU leave their homes, businesses, and dorms on foot and walk toward Polk County Fire Station carrying yellow umbrellas.
The idea:
This is an art project to involve everyone in the larger community – artist or not – to inspire creativity and have an afternoon of fun.


The Event:
On May 13th, 2006, at 2:00p.m. people all over Independence, Oregon, Western Oregon University (WOU), and Monmouth, Oregon left their places on foot and walked toward the Polk County Fire Station carrying yellow umbrellas. The first to arrive there formed a trickle of color; as others joined in to become a stream of yellow umbrellas and a sea of yellow around the fire station. The umbrellas were then displayed in the lobby celing at Hamersly Library through the end of July.

More information

Here are some of the individual umbrellas that various people made:

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Location: Hamersly Library 1st floor Lobby
Curator: Dr. Dan Cannon