January – March



Symposium: The Whales in Science and Culture
Sponsored by the Jensen Arctic Museum

Responding to an endless human fascination with whales, this event brings together marine biologists, conservationists, writers, Alaskan Native artists and hunters, and several film screenings for a four-day exploration of the relationship between whales and people.

A small exhibit of whale related objects announced the Whale Symposium.

whales2 whales3

Scrimshaw, an American term of disputed origin, refers to the engraving or carving of ivory, bone and, most famously, whale teeth (the larger teeth come from sperm whales). These original and reproduction pieces of scrimshaw represent work from the classic age of Yankee whaling from 1840 to 1870.


whale1Baleen and Vertebra from a Bowhead Whale (Baleena mysticetus)

Synthesized from keratin (the same protein forming hair, fingernails and horn), baleen makes up the sieve-like structure used by baleen whales (Mysticeti) to obtain food such as plankton and krill.

LOCATION: 1st floor main lobby
Curators: Henry Hughes