April 2 – May 11


posttopThis exhibit represents a collaboration of upper division art students and consists of two parts. An informational display fills the 2nd floor gallery and explains the nature of environmental and installation art and the process to create the large sculpture that dominates the lobby area.

The sculpture in the lobby represents a treelike structure, extending through the ceiling opening to the 2nd floor and creates a canopy and a feeling of being overwhelmed by plastics.





Artists Statement:

We are a group of artists working collaboratively to create an art installation, which addresses both our ecological and aesthetic concerns.  Realizing that only a revolution in thought can bring about effective change, we have turned to our art as a means of bringing consciousness to others.  The form is created from our wastes; the plastic bags we use to carry groceries in, the wrappers that keep our food fresh.  Every day our trash is rearranged so that we don’t have to see it.  This work was created to be seen, in hopes that it will be a catalyst for much needed change.  It implies a larger issue, which needs our attention, now.

“In weighing the fate of the earth and, with it our own fate, we stand before a mystery, and in tampering with the earth we tamper with a mystery.  We are in deep ignorance.  Our ignorance should make us wonder, our wonder should make us humble, our humility should inspire us to reverence and caution, and our reverence and caution should lead us to act without delay to withdraw delay to withdraw the threat we now pose to the earth and to ourselves.”

– Jonathan Schnell, The Fate of the Earth, New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1982, p.95.

We would like to thank the Western Oregon University Foundation for the generous grant they provided for this project and we also thank the following individuals for their support:  Mike Aguilera, Dr. Gary Jensen, Professor Suellen Johnson, Stephen Medley, Jerrie Lee Parpart, Katherine Shears, Dr. Mark Man Steeter, Kenneth Tibbs, and Carol Tripp.



Artists: Corey Angell, Rachael Bourdet, Mark Cyphers, Andrew Kerr, Laura Nunan, Brandon Schmeder, and Andrea Henkels Heidinger, advisor