September 22 – December 12



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Kristofer Ibarra was born in Northern California in 1981. Before attending Western, Kris spent a year at San Joaquin Delta College. After arriving at Western he changed his major from Math & Physics to Psychology and hasn’t looked back since. Having never taken a photography class, his abilities come to him naturally. His mathematical mind allows him to see the symmetry of nature while his analytical abilities allow him to see the splendor of the world around him and bring the two together. His photographic compositions show the raw, untouched beauty of the world around us through his own eyes.

“I first became interested in photography, both color and black and white, when I traveled to Italy for my first time back in high school. I purchased an APS camera for the trip and fell in love with the products it helped me produced. Since then I have also purchased a digital camera and I usually have one or the other where ever I go in case that special unexpected moment comes along. I look forward to every opportunity I get to travel because I allows me yet another chance to caputre that unique shot.”

Kristofer Ibarra


LOCATION: 3rd floor Archives gallery
Curator: Kristopher Ibarra