November 14


Congratulations to the poetry contest winners!

1st Place: Paul Baxter for “Quinn
2nd Place: Steven Sher for “A Poet’s Roots
3rd Place: Oscar Rethwill for “(iMATATO DEi)
Honorable Mention:
(in no particular order)

Donnie Herneisen for “Back to the Canyon

Irvin H. Jacob for “The Cat

David Mann for “Chronicles of Sophie” (Author did not give permission to post poem)

Sam Jordan for “This plaque commemorates that fateful day…

Jennifer L. Kristiansen for “Bad Day

Stephen Curtis for “An Evening at the Theater

Amy Wood for “The Sailor

The three judges for this competition are working poets and members of the Board of Trustees for Friends of William Stafford Advocates for Poetry.  They reside in Portland.

Shelley Reece teaches writing as an English Professor at P.S.U., where he has been on the faculty for the past thirty years.  He also is the co-editor of Fireweed, a poetry quarterly published in Portland.  His poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including Twelve Oregon Poets, Plainsongs, Calapooya Collage, Nebraska Review, andOregon English Journal.

Paulann Petersen, a retired high school English teacher, is a major Oregon poet and former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.  Most recently, her work has appeared inPoetry, Sojourner, The Florida Review, and The Carolina Quarterly.  Her first full-length collection of poems, The Wild Awake, is forthcoming from Confluence Press in 2002.

Joseph Soldati is Professor Emeritus of English at Western Oregon University and Chair of the Board of Trustees for Friends of William Stafford Advocates for Poetry.  He has published, and continues to publish, poems and essays in a variety of literary journals, reviews, and anthologies.  Last year, his poem “Moon on the Wing” received the Icarus International Year 2000 Poetry Award and was published in Flying Machines, an anthology of poems about flying.


In celebration of the HOW THE INK FEELS exhibit, the Hamersly Library and the Division of Extended Programs sponsored a poetry contest open to all Western Oregon University Students, Staff, and Faculty.

First Prize:  $150.00;     Second Prize:  $125.00:    Third Prize:  $100.00

Winners presented their poems at an open reading on Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 12-1p.m., Hamersly Library, Room 107.

The following was the entry process:

1.  Submit one original poem –your own individual creative work– on any subject, in traditional or free verse,  with a maximum of 40 lines (spaces between stanzas count as lines.)  A poem that has been published previously or has won in another contest is not eligible.

2.  Type your own poem on a single sheet of standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper, one side only, in a standard typeface; no fancy fonts, graphics, or illustrations.

3.  Send two copies.
ON THE FIRST, in the upper right hand corner, type your name, address, phone number, and indicate if you are a WOU student, staff or faculty.  Also on this copy, type and sign the following statement: This poem is my own original creative work and has not been copied, in whole or in part, from any other author’s work, including poems posted on the Internet.
ON THE SECOND, do not include your name, address or phone number.  Check to make sure your name does not appear anywhere on this copy.

4.  Mail to: Poetry Contest, Hamersly Library, HL 206 or Deliver to the Library Information Desk

There is no entry fee.  The list of winners will be posted on the Hamersly Library’s exhibits web pages.  Winners will be notified by Wednesday, November 7, 2001 and will be invited to present their poems at the open reading on Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 12-1p.m., Hamersly Library, Room 107.

Deadline: October 24, 2001 (postmarked)