July 10 – September 1


“For the ancient Egyptians, magic held an importance akin to the highest philosophy.”
Grand Illusions is a 16 panel exhibit covering the history of magic, ranging from the Egyptians, Alchemy, early Americans and Jugglers, to some of the great magicians such as Houdini, The Herrmanns and Johann N Hofzinser.

Panels include:

1. Early Magic
2. Early American Magic
3. Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin
4. Houdini
5. Johann N. Hofzinser
6. The Herrmanns
7. Magicians as Mentors
8. From Alchemy to Chemical Magic
9. Legerdemain
10. Juggling
11. Psychical Research and Mental Magic
12. Séance Magic and Escapology
13. Kids and Magic
14. The Art of the Art
15. Great Collections: The Memory of Magic
16. The Community of Magic

magic1 magic2 magic3 magic4



LOCATION: 1st floor Lobby, New Book Area
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart