September 23 – December 13


Books have always been a dynamic force in American culture, helping to shape who we are and where we are going. The open dissemination of knowledge and the reverence for books that flowered in the Enlightenment helped create this nation; and this belief in the importance of an enlightened people has sustained it through even the most tumultuous times. Certain books have touched American Society — and individuals — more deeply that others. This display chronicles many enduring American literary works that demonstrate how “Books Change Lives” — a campaign slogan adopted by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. The individual works and the era that shaped those writings are illustrated from the vast holdings of Americana in the Library of Congress.

Panels include:

1. “Such Books as May be Necessary”
2. The Shapers are Shaped
3. Pamphlets for a Change
4. An Uncommon Common Sense
5. The Federalist Papers, Part 1
6. The Federalist Papers, Part 2
7. The Hidden Voice of the Slave
8. Freedom’s Spark is Lit
9. The Cabin that Started a War
10. To the Walden Woods
11. America Cooks
12. Books for Kids
13. A Miracle Work
14. Investigating Silent Springs
15. Books for the Masses
16. A Center for the Book

LOCATION: 3rd Floor Archives Gallery
Curator: Library of Congress