September 23 – December 14


Creative Journey of Knight Library Press, University of Oregon

turn41Knight Library Press, the University of Oregon’s literary fine press, publishes uniquely designed broadsides and hand bound books in limited editions. The content is contemporary writings of prominent living authors with original graphics by working studio artists. The means is traditional letterpress printing using lead type and a hand-cranked cylinder proofing press. Employing these “hands-on” technologies at the Press is not intended to replicate historical printing methods but to honor the value of the book as an artistic object as well as a vessel for ideas. At Knight Library Press, collaboration is an important aspect of the endeavor, with author, artist, and printer working in a spirit of mutual support. With each turn of the crank, new and old, art and idea, individual creativity and shared vision come together freshly on the page.

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The exhibit documents the history of Knight Library Press, the printing process, and the creative process used for several books published by Knight Library Press.


LOCATION: 1st floor Lobby, 2nd and 3rd Floor Galleries
Curators: Sandy Tilcock, director of Knight Library Press, and Marilyn Reaves