April – June







From Henry Hughes, Curator and Contributor:

Celebrating the Hamersly Library’s fine collection of nineteenth-century hand-colored Audubon prints along with work by locally living artists, birders and writers, this show explores the forms and words shaped by birds in the human imagination.

Joining the techniques of fine art and serious ornithology, John James Audubon revolutionized the way humans depicted and, consequently, experienced and understood birds and their natural world. True to nature, Audubon was also inventive in his use of media and graceful in the management of composition and light. Audubon also kept detailed journals and wrote engaging volumes of natural history and frontier adventure. As a writer, he loved facts but also entered emotionally and subjectively into the lives of the animals he loved. When it came to people, he was not adverse to tall tale.

Although Audubon never made it to the Oregon Territory, the local artists and poets in this exhibit bring his passion for serious nature study and creativity to the birds of the Willamette Valley and beyond. Take flight with us, and enjoy the show.

























Kate Bappe
Richard Bunse
John Campbell
Jodie Garrison
Paul Gentry
Charles Goodrich
David Hargreaves
Donna Henderson
Kim Hoffman
Karen Holmberg
Henry Hughes
Konner Knudsen
Alfred P. Maurice
Paulann Petersen
Lindsay Pirelli
Linda Stoncipher