June – August


Beach Bird-2009, beach debris
Comet-2008, mixed media
Aves-2006, monotype












Cornerstone-2007, mixed media
Design Asylum-2007; conte’ crayon, charcoal

Artist Biography
Rebecca Wollesen is an artist living on the Oregon Coast. She is a graduate of Western Oregon University, where she earned a B.S. in art. She is a sculptor and a graphic designer who is inspired by nature, her fondness for birds, and looking at art. As a sculptor, she works primarily with mixed media creating casually elegant compositions of contrasting natural materials. Rebecca’s work can be seen in various galleries on the Western Oregon University campus in Monmouth, Oregon.

Artist Statement

As a sculptor, my ideas come from my sketchbook. Most of my artwork starts with a basic outline drawing of a form or shape that I construct into a three dimensional piece of art. Although I have a general idea of how each piece of sculpture will look, I work free from my sketches and consider new ideas as they develop. I work intuitively and methodically, designing and constructing as the form takes shape.

Mantra-2010, mixed media
Old Growth-2009, natural material

I enjoy sculpting in my studio using the additive process. Through this process, I add one piece to another until the piece is finished. For me the additive process is a way of making three dimensional collage, which gives me the opportunity to use mixed media without limitations. I am fascinated with textures and natural materials that are fibrous; I incorporate them into my sculptures and into my graphic design projects because they make beautiful compositions when juxtaposed with one another.

I feel there are no limits when choosing materials, and collecting them is part of what inspires me to make art. Some of my favorite fibrous materials are fabric and paper. Nature also inspires me, and I am always looking closely at the forms, shapes, and textures found there. I am particularly fond of birds because their forms are beautiful, and because there are many different textures that comprise the various parts of their bodies. I am also fascinated by their fragility and elegance, two qualities I hope to convey in my mixed media art. Currently, I am experimenting with the bird form, and I plan to

Palmated Green Bellied Fork Bird-2010, found objects
Pelican-mixed media

include it in my future art projects as I continue to work with the additive process of sculpting.







Vladlena-2008, mixed media
Physique-2008; handmade paper, foam
Wood Visions-2009, pencil on summerset













LOCATION: 3rd floor gallery, then moved to 2nd floor gallery for summer
Curator: Rebecca Wolleson, WOU Alum