January – March


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Monica Setziol Phillips
Collaboration is challenging and fascinatting. I think it enables us to undertake approaches not otherwise conceivable or achievable. The three-way collaboration of Kirk’s photographs, Monica’s woodcarving, and Dixie’s metal work has created an important dialogue that is a source of challenge, artistic inspiration, new exploration and growth.







Working With Kirk Jonasson
His keen insights through the lens have provided opportunities for me to see things differently, to look at space in new ways and gain new insights into the expanding possibilities of a very different kind of dialog.

Working With Dixie J. Pannu
We have been investigating the combination of wood and metal for a number of years now. The work is often intense, the process difficult; but the results, when successful, form an exciting and interesting dialog which we look forward to continuing.


LOCATION:  end floor gallery
Curators: Monica Setziol Phillips, Kirk Jonasson, Dixie J. Pannu