December – January


Sand Mandala Painting
The Mystical Mansion of Enlightenment
The powdered sand painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan, the art is called dultson kyilkhor, which literally means “mandala of colored sand powders.” Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning cosmogram or “world in harmony.” In the Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, it is said that wherever a sand mandala is created, all the sentient beings and the environment in the locality are blessed. Whoever views the mandala experiences peace and joy in their hearts. The colorfulness and harmony of the millions of sand particles in the mandala gives a powerful message that we all can live in peace if each of us work in creating a little more space for others in our hearts. It is said that children in particular, when seeing the mandala leave with very positive imprints which will later on germinate as sprouts of peace when they grow older.
This display is in the main floor lobby.